Cape Coral, Florida, is one of the nicest and prettiest towns in the entire Sunshine State. Not only can you avoid the dozens of people who flock to Florida during the winter season, but you can still take part in fun events, head to the water in just a few minutes, explore downtown for some pristine shopping, and check out the never-ending foodie scene.  

But what if you are thinking of going somewhere warm for Valentine’s Day? Does Cape Coral have enough fun things to do that will help reunite the spark between you and your partner? In short, yes — this coastal town is THE ideal date night location!  

Cape Coral, Florida, is not only a perfect date night spot on its own, but it offers tons of yearly events in February that are great for couples who are looking to reignite the long-lost spark or kick off a new dating life. Let’s check out the best romantic events and activities to do during your stay in Cape Coral on Valentine’s Day weekend in 2023 

Cupid’s Clash Co-Ed Crossfit Competition 

Are you interested in combining fitness and friends, and fun? If so, then head to Crossfit ENG to burn some calories, increase your fitness, and get your heart pounding before you go on a date with your partner. Crossfit is one of the best ways that you can improve your cardiovascular fitness and strength — so why not take part in this yearly competition and feel good about yourself before you put on that tight dress for your date night in Cape Coral? 

Valentine’s Day at My Sweet Art 

Another fun place to go during Valentine’s Day weekend in Cape Coral is My Sweet Art on Nicholas Parkway in Cape Coral. This is the ideal spot to go during the day for the artsy types who want to create something special to remember the weekend for years to come.  

Grab a Meal at the 10 Twenty-Five Restaurant 

For those who want to have a filling dinner and nice cocktails during their stay in Cape Coral over this legendary February weekend, head to 10 Twenty-Five to imbibe on the best bottles of wine available in the state, mouth-watering steak dishes, or light fish plates. You can’t go wrong with the local produce, meat, and seafood at this reputable and high-end restaurant.  

If you are in the mood to ignite the candle of romance for your Valentine’s Day weekend, then we have a few suggestions of where to go and what to do during this love-filled time. Instead of doing the same-old dinner date and going to bed, check out the annual events in Cape Coral that are sure to knock your socks off! 

Heart of Marino Musical 

Are you in the mood to sing your heart out and listen to some local talent? If so, then head to Vichino’s Cafe and Wine Bar in Bonita Springs, Florida, to attend the Heart of Marino Musical Performance with Deborah Marino. Tickets are just $20 and you can have a great time bonding with your partner and setting the tone for a romantic weekend filled with wine, music, and good vibes!  

Naples Big Band: Jazz Tribute 

Last but not least, you can take a short road trip to the nearby town of Naples, Florida, to enjoy the beaches, seafood, and yearly jazz event. Not only can you spend the day exploring the picturesque coastline and having fun in the sun, but at night, you can head to the Jazz Tribute to Leo at the Norris Center. Tickets are just $25 and can help you set the mood for a romantic weekend with your partner.  

Plus, Naples is home to lots of cool restaurants, fun bars, and exciting nightclubs for you to keep the night going. We recommend heading to the Old Naples Pub on Third Street South for some pints of Guinness, the Sidebar cocktail bar on 5th street for some dancing, and the Bambusa Bar and Grill in Empire Plaza to enjoy some ethnic dishes.  

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