Winter and spring make golfing in Florida a paradise and one of the best things to do in Cape Coral. The weather is perfect, and the greens are fascinating to play. Summer, on the other hand, brings a different appeal for golfers, whether you’re looking for an early morning tee time or an afternoon putting practice, Cape Coral offers fantastic reasons for golfing in those hotter months. So grab your golf clubs and make sure you’ve got your swing ready because when you stay at our lovely Cape Coral Vacation Rentals, you’ll enjoy more than just the scenery. Golfing in FL
Golfing in Florida in the summertime tends to be underrated. While peak season is from January to March, in Florida’s sunny coastal areas, summer lends a beautiful time to visit and play around. We all know summer is hot, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your time on the green this year! Just remember to bring water with you when on the course to keep yourself hydrated.