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Getting Around Cape Coral

If you’re looking for a break that includes the year-round sun and warmth of Florida, consider Cape Coral as your ultimate destination. There is so much that goes into planning the perfect getaway, from the things you’ll do and places you go, to where you’ll stay. Don’t forget one of the most important: getting around Cape Coral to all the must-do and must-see items on your list. There is a myriad of ways, and you can choose which one suits your needs best.

Rental Vehicle

When you touch down after a long flight at the airport, you have your mind on a dozen different things at once. From where you stowed your carry-on to gathering your group, just getting off the plane is a task all of its own. As you go down your mental checklist, breathe a sigh of relief that your rental vehicle will be waiting for you just outside the doors of the rental desk. It’s as easy as check in, get the keys, and head off on your unique Cape Coral adventure with loved ones.

Ride Share Services

Ride sharing is a popular way to get around any town, including Cape Coral. It cuts out the mileage, insurance, and other fees of renting a vehicle while still getting you around town. There is often special parking for Uber and Lyft vehicles at airports, hotels, shopping and dining establishments, and other popular destinations, so getting where you need to go is almost as easy as stepping outside. Another benefit is that your driver knows the area, including shortcuts around construction and traffic backups you would otherwise be sitting through when following a GPS on your own.

Golf Cart

Get around Cape Coral and its beaches in a different way when you rent a golf cart. There are a variety of companies that offer four- and six-passenger vehicles. Each one includes headlights, taillights, and rear-view mirrors. Plus, each is licensed and insured so you can go from beach to street with no problems. You can pick up your cart, or have it delivered to your accommodations!

Come Stay with Us and Explore Cape Coral Transportation Options

When you stay in a vacation rental provided by Cape Coral 4 Vacation, you’ll enjoy spreading out to relax, unwind, and enjoy your vacation however you want, without worrying about Cape Coral transportation. You’ll enjoy the easy access to the many area attractions, as well as unique shops, dining, and other activities. We offer homes up to four bedrooms, so you can create a Cape Coral retreat that includes all of your friends and family.

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