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History of Cape Coral, FL

If you’re looking for a place that includes plenty of sun and warmth for your next getaway, you’ll want to make sure the many beach towns of Florida makes the short list for your consideration. After deciding on the Sunshine State, you’ll have to figure out exactly where you want to spend your time. There is plenty to see and do on your fun-filled Florida vacation. When you choose this place, you’ll enjoy a unique trip full of interesting history of Cape Coral, FL that will color your experience like you never imagined, too.

Native Americans

The Calusa Native American tribe called the area home as early as 800 C.E. (Common Era). They were considered the most powerful of six aboriginal bands living on the Florida Peninsula. Their tribe was only a few of the Native American tribes in the area to weather the European incursion, but officially no longer existed after 1763. As the Calusa disappeared, the Seminole tribe began to arrive in the area. Conflict between the U.S. government and the tribe resulted in many battles, dwindling the tribe’s numbers to as low as 200. Today’s Seminole people are descended from the surviving 200.


Farmers and planters from Alabama and Georgia extended southern plantation culture and economy, bringing change to the mostly wilderness area. The population of these homesteaders increased after the Civil War, with many families settling on land acquired through a U.S. government land grant program.

World War II

The war transformed the area from the rural, homesteading fishing and hunting grounds to a densely populated one. Over two million GIs were trained there, and eventually chose to call it home.

Modern Cape Coral

A relatively young city, Cape Coral was only founded in 1957. Real estate developers and brothers Leonard and Jack Rosen of Baltimore, Maryland purchased a 103-square-mile tract and began developing the land. As they sold the land and homes were built, the town’s infrastructure, including paved roads and canals, were made. The first building was the Rosens’ sales office, and the first permanent resident of the area was Kenny Schwartz, their general manager. Development continued, and by the 1960s, 1,300 buildings, 80 miles of road, and 160 miles of canals had been created. The city was incorporated in August of 1970.

History of Cape Coral, FL

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