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Manatee Viewing in Cape Coral

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The need for a break from everyday stress and worry can come at any time. The Southwest Florida coast and Cape Coral are full of fun, sand, water, and sun for a beach vacation that is sure to leave you rested, relaxed, rejuvenated, and renewed. Relieve some of that stress by watching some of the region’s most serene and majestic animals – the manatee. There are several spots where you can get a good glimpse, and even swim with the manatees in Cape Coral!

Where to Find Them

Manatees seek out the warmer southern waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, and eastern South America, choosing the warm coastal waters of Florida in the winter months. The best place in Cape Coral is Sirenia Vista Park in the northwest part of the city. You’ll see several manatees gliding through the waters of the canal on the east side of the park. In nearby Fort Myers, you’ll want to go to the park named for them – Manatee Park. Not only is it a great place for manatee watching, the other park amenities such as grills, hiking trails, playgrounds, and more mean you can make a full day out of manatee viewing in Cape Coral!

Charter Tours

There are many companies in the area that charter various tours of the area’s waterways. Thrill-seekers often opt for fishing tours, including deep sea excursions, while those looking for something more laid back go out in search of other wildlife like dolphins, turtles, and manatees. Tours will take you to places around Cape Coral where the gentle giants often congregate to enjoy the warmer waters in the winter months. Make sure to bring a camera!

Swimming with Manatees

While you can’t actually swim “with” the manatees, you can swim nearby. Manatees love the water, the calm waters of the canals as well as near parks where humans often boat, swim, fish, and enjoy the water. If you find that manatees are nearby while you’re swimming or enjoying the water, make sure to stay clear – don’t chase after them or try to get closer.

Manatees in Cape Coral

From a cozy studio to a spacious Cape Coral villa, Cape Coral 4 Vacation has a vacation rental home that’s perfect for you! Enjoy preparing a meal or packing a picnic for a day of manatee viewing in Cape Coral, in the fully equipped kitchen. At the end of the day, stretch out with some popcorn and your favorite show or movie – maybe something with a manatee in it – in an open living area. There are also multiple private spaces like patios, balconies, and even your own bedroom.

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