Are you looking for a beautiful home that is close to the Florida coastline? Well, look no further! We have a pristine accommodation that is spacious enough for you and 5 of your very best friends or family members to stay in during your upcoming summer holiday in Cape Coral. 

Check out Blue Oasis pool home, gorgeous water view 1003! This sprawling, modern, and cozy house features 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for you to share. You will never feel crowded or cramped when you stay in one of our luxurious properties.  


As soon as you see the home, you will be blown away by the immaculate exterior. The front lawn is manicured and features beautiful bushes, hedges, palm trees, and flowers that really brighten up the space. You have your own private driveway, secure garage, and walkway to the high entrance to your home.  

The backyard features your very own private pool, so you can wake up early in the morning to do some laps, head outside for a midnight swim, or teach your children how to do the breaststroke during their first pool experience. Plus, the pool is heated, so you can use it even during the colder evenings! 

The outdoor area also features a sun lounging area for catching a tan, a barbecue grill for whipping up a tasty lunch, a refrigerator for storing your ice-cold beers, and a boat dock for use with your personal boat, kayak, or canoe.  

Common Space

The living room features a cozy leather couch that is the ideal spot to lie down, put your favorite flick on the TV, or start streaming your latest Netflix obsession. The living room features a neutral color scheme with bright accents, like the plush pillows for resting your head, or the brightly colored carpet to add a pop of color to the room!  

We love the lamps for reading a book at night and the large window for letting in some natural sunlight during the day. You can also sit on the opposing couch and chat with your friends as you play a game of cards, share drinks together, or converse about your day. The living room is the ideal focal point to chat and spend time with one another!  

If you want to make something to eat for you and your friends, walk just a few steps into the modern kitchen. The kitchen in this home is spacious, functional, and clean — everything you want to prepare food, make snacks, and entertain guests! We love the open floor plan that makes it easy to get around and meander between rooms. 

The high-top granite bar area is great for seating three guests and having a chat while they drink their cups of coffee in the morning. You can whip up a quick breakfast using the blender to make smoothies, the stove top to make scrambled eggs, and the coffee pot to make a fresh cappuccino or latte early in the morning. There is also a stainless-steel microwave and a new refrigerator, freezer, and oven for your personal use!  


There are 3 cozy and comfortable bedrooms in this house — we promise that no bedroom is a bad choice! The master bedroom features a king-sized bed that is huge for you to sleep in by yourself or share with a loved one. The second bedroom features a queen bed that is large enough for two people to share, while the third bedroom is the ideal space for young adults, a couple, or teens who want their own privacy on the day bed.  

Nearby Area

Once you finally decide to leave your beautiful and spacious home, you might be wondering what there is to do in the nearby area. Since you are located just off Beach Parkway and Oasis Boulevard, you are in the ideal area that is still calm and relaxed but offers proximity to activities and attractions.  

We love going to Matlacha Pass National Wildlife Refuge to see some local birds, flora, and fauna while getting in some exercise on one of the many hiking and walking paths. There are numerous islands and relaxation areas here that make you really appreciate the beauty of nature!  

We also enjoy going to nearby McCardle Island Preserve for bird watching, Lobster Lady Seafood Market for some of the best fish in the entire state, and Lelulo’s for specialty pies and yummy wings!  

Safety Features

Last but not least, our luxury property has tons of amenities that are for you to use on your holiday in Cape Coral! Instead of hotels that make you pay extra for amenities, or make you share with hundreds of other people, we offer top-notch services that are just for you and your guests. We offer an emergency police contact, emergency fire contact, outdoor lighting, and a smoke detector so you always feel safe and secure in this home.  Contact us today!