Are you looking for an incredible home with a view of the water, outdoor space for you to sip a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening, and close proximity to all that the incredible town has to offer? Look no further! Our high-end and spacious properties in Cape Coral, Florida, offer anything you could ever want — and more!

Plus, when you use Cape Coral 4 Vacations, you will see that we leave no stone unturned. We make sure that all of our customers get the best service possible, including private amenities, anything you could want during your stay, and advice on the best activities to do in the nearby area.

One of our best properties that is perfect for up to 8 guests is the River View WOW. And we guarantee when you see it, you will say, ‘wow!’. Our property has amenities and high-end features that are desirable for people with a variety of activities that interest them, ranging from staying at home and watching a movie at night or going out to one of the nearby bars.

Let’s check out why this is one of our premier properties and why you should nab this home before it goes off the market!

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Exterior Area

One of the main perks of renting The River View is the ample outdoor area. Unlike other apartments, condos, room rentals, Airbnbs, or houses in Florida that have very limited outdoor space, our home has tons of exterior space, like a pool that is perfect for tanning on a hot day, lounge chairs for reading a book during the afternoon, and a huge front yard that is great for bringing your pup outside or playing ball games with your kids.

We love that the entire family, or group of friends who are staying here, can use the front and backyards, and you will never feel crowded! We want our rentals in areas that have amazing weather to be able to be outside all of the time — that is why we offer ample front and backyard acreage that makes it easy to take your boat out in the morning, play soccer with your kids, do a few laps in the pool for a good workout, or read a book in a lounge chair in the front yard as you gaze at the palm trees.

Plus, when you sit outside of your home, you can marvel at the incredible architectural design of the home. You will be blown away by the sheer aesthetics of the home, such as the cool windows, unique exterior decor, traditional roofing, and stone front walkway that makes the house even more high-end than it already is.

Common Spaces

Along with the sleek and aesthetic outside space, the interior of the home continues the high-end and luxurious appearance. Our living room, dining room, and kitchen are all a part of the main floor open space living plan, ensuring that you can walk freely between rooms and never feel like you’re on top of one another.

You can make a quick appetizer in the kitchen, set out drinks on the granite island countertop, head to the dining room table for a formal dinner, and then retire to the living room to watch TV or play a board game — all in just a few steps! Plus, the open floor plan makes the house feel so spacious and big, ensuring that every single guest feels like they are living in a spacious mansion during their stay here.


Last but not least, we design all of our houses with utmost care and detail. In this home, we make sure that all of our living room spaces, dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms follow the nautical theme. I mean, you are in Florida, after all! You are going to be out on the water, either with your boat, paddleboard, kayak, or canoe, so why not follow the nautical theme?

You will never feel like you are in a stale or boring hotel room. Our entire home has a personal and lived-in feel that makes you feel at home right away as soon as you enter our property. Our artwork, couches, interior design, and detailed elements encourage all of our guests to book year after year!

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One of our best properties is The River View WOW — check it out now for your long weekend, short-term spring holiday, or extended summer break with all of your pals! We guarantee that you and your group of friends, extended family, or work colleagues will have a blast at our luxurious and modern property. Contact us and book today!