The summer season is upon us, and that will mean an increase in bookings as summer vacationers head to Florida and the Cape Coral area to spend time with fun in the sun. To make sure everything is as it should be for each guest, you’ll want to make sure some basic maintenance has been covered before your first group arrives.


We care about your and your guests’ safety. Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, make sure a fire extinguisher is available and still within its expiration date. Replace any old extinguishers with new ones.


While renters will be out enjoying Cape Coral and its many water activities to keep cool, they’ll want to keep cool during the times they choose to stay at the property. Having a working HVAC system – heating and air conditioning units – will make the stay more comfortable. We have trained, local professionals who will come out and service your unit, provide a tune-up, or advise on any needed replacements or upgrades.

Make sure to keep the air moving! If your home has ceiling fans, you’ll want to make sure everything is in proper working order, and the blades are spinning in the right direction.

Pool & Spa

If your home has a private pool and/or spa, they need to be in clean, working order. The filter should be cleaned or changed regularly, and the pump and other equipment serviced. Make sure the mechanics for bubblers, water features, and the like are in good working order, too. If your outdoor space is covered by an enclosure or lanai, make sure the screens and doors are undamaged.

Outdoor Cooking

Whether your home has an outdoor kitchen with massive built-in BBQ or a simple grill to roll in and out of the garage, make sure everything is ready to go. Replace propane tanks, broken knobs, and scrub grates clean. Scrub out prep sinks and make sure there are no issues with the plumbing. Grilling accessories like tongs and spatulas should be easy to find and undamaged.

Outdoor Lounging & Dining

Your outdoor space likely boasts a number of seating options, both for lounging in the sun and eating meals al fresco. Dining tables need to be level and their surfaces free of cracks or scratches to make the best impression. Seating should be in good, clean condition.

Living furnishings like chaise lounges, tables, couches, and chairs need to be seen to. Any rips or tears in pillows, cushions, and other fabrics need repair or replacement. Tabletops should be free of scratches or cracks.

Indoor Cooking

Every piece of equipment in the kitchen should be inspected and repaired or replaced. Leaky faucets or pipes cause moisture build up that can attract pests and lead to other costly repairs. Defrost the freezer, and ensure the electric or gas lines for the stove is in good repair.

Indoor Living

Just as you want with your outdoor furnishings, your indoor furnishings should be free of blemishes, rips, tears, or stains. This goes for furniture throughout the home, from living area couches to the night tables next to each bed.

Boat Docks/Lifts

If you have a waterfront property, everything about it needs to be ship-shape. Decking on the dock should be in good repair – replace deck boards if needed, and make sure everything is stable and secure. Make sure the mechanics of the lift are working properly if you intend to provide access as part of the rental.

Patios Near Water

If your property also includes seating close to the water, make sure chairs and tables are in good repair and replace as needed. The material your patio area is made of should be serviced, too. If there are stones or bricks out of place, rotten or broken boards, or severely cracked pavement, those issues need to be addressed before renters use those areas of the property. Service railings and fencing for stability and replace loose areas as needed.

Water Toys and Vessels

Whether your property is on the water or not, if you’ve chosen to provide water toys, canoes, kayaks, stand up paddleboards, or access to boats, all of those items need to be serviced and in proper working order. Check for leaks in canoes, kayaks, and boats, service any motors, gas gauges, or other mechanics, or replace paddles.

Stock life jackets or other life preservers in accordance with Florida boating safety guidelines. For toys like pool floats and noodles, check for rips, tears, leaks, or any other damage that may cause harm to a user and repair or replace as necessary.

Top Tip: Put Your Property in Our Hands

The best tip of all we can give you is to put your property in the hands of locals who know the market and can help your property perform to the highest level possible. We have been in the property management business for over 25 years, and put that vast knowledge to use with every property under our care. In addition to some of the best customer service around – for you and your guests – we know the ins and outs to make your Cape Coral property shine in every season.

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