Vacation properties are a hot commodity, and the competition is fierce for vacation homeowners. Everyone imagines himself a future real estate mogul, purchasing homes in the top vacation destinations and charging astronomical prices in the hopes they can pay off their loans quickly and reap the extra benefits. Not everyone knows, however, that the fierce competition means you need to make your Cape Coral property stand out, something that we at Cape Coral 4 Vacation understand quite well. Today, we would like to talk to our potential clients about the best amenities that should be included in your vacation rental property, helping you get a leg up on the competition and setting the stage for a successful financial investment!

The Basics

You already know to stock your cabinets with dishes, pots and pans, silverware, and glassware, as well as to provide the basic linens and a starter kit, so we won’t go into too much detail here, other than to say this. If your listing states there is room for up to six guests, it is imperative that you provide at least six glasses, six plates, six silver settings, etc. Nothing is more frustrating to a traveler than fixing a meal only to find there aren’t enough dishes for the family and another trip to the store for paper plates is necessary.

A Perfectly Stocked Living Room

Entertainment matters and although you may have a state of the art television mounted to the wall, a DVR and movies can help give guests a little extra entertainment on a rainy night in Florida. If you have a Smart TV, however, you can probably skip this step, as streaming services provide an unending display of movies and in today’s world, most people have begun to pay for their own streaming services as opposed to paying high prices for cable. A fully stocked bookcase could come in handy for readers and a comfy chair placed where the light is best will show readers that you do understand the importance of a good book and a great place to read it.

Multiple Purposes

The dining rooms of vacation homes serve many of the same purposes as the ones we have in our own homes, often providing a place to play games or build puzzles. Guests may travel with their own games, but we have never heard a traveler complain about finding more games or puzzles in their vacation rental, just make sure that the puzzles have all their pieces to avoid frustrations at the end of their stay. It can also come in handy if you provide scrap paper and pens, even a couple of decks of cards in case your guests feel the urge to play a game of rummy or spades.

Laundry Rooms

Not every rental will offer a laundry room, but if yours does, guests appreciate starter kits in here as well. Laundry detergent that is good for a single use, a small bottle of fabric softener, and a trash can where guests can throw away lint from the lint trap are all perfect amenities to add to the cabinet of your laundry room.

Homes or Condos on the Water

Your Cape Coral property, or any Florida vacation property, has the distinction of nearly always be near some sort of water source, be it a lake, river, ocean, or in the case of Cape Coral, a canal, and guests will want to spend as much time playing on the water as possible. It is difficult, however, to lug coolers, beach chairs and umbrellas, even beach towels across the miles which is why many properties will offer a closet filled with all of the above. 

Baby Gear

If you are now or have ever been a parent, you too understand the stress of packing for a trip taken with the tiniest of travelers, so why not give your guests a break and provide a few of the essentials? A high chair and a pack and play are the most common baby amenities, with neither costing very much. Don’t, however, provide car seats, as the liability if you offer one that isn’t up to code can be prohibitively expensive.

More Tips Like These

Cape Coral 4 Vacation has been in the vacation property management business for more than a few minutes and our books are filled with helpful hints and tips that will help our homeowners experience the unicorn of tenants, appreciative guests who will remember your attention to detail when they are making a return visit, choosing your property as their home sweet vacation home again. Contact us today and let’s work out a plan that will make your investment property an overnight success! This business can be tough if you don’t know all the secrets, but we are more than willing to share ours with you.