Cape Coral 4 Vacation offers various properties that can work for your unique needs. Whether you want a spacious home for 20 people right on the beach, or you want a modern pool house that is perfect for a couple’s getaway, we have it all! Check out the top reasons why you should come to the Sunshine State for the upcoming Easter holiday – and why WE are the premier property management company in the area to help you with whatever you may need before and during your stay. Here’s why you should book your Cape Coral Easter Rental with us:

Private Outdoor Space 

There is nothing worse than staying in a beautiful location with pristine weather and having to share outdoor space with dozens of other people. Or, being in a hostel, hotel, or Airbnb, and not having any outdoor space for you to use. This means you have to get in your car, head to the beach, and spend half of your day getting to and from outdoor locations to spend some time in the bright sunshine and get a tan on your face. So, what is the best solution? 

Fortunately for you, all of our rentals have some type of outdoor space for you to use during your vacay! Dozens of our houses feature front yards that are perfect for playing a game of soccer with your kids. We also have backyards that are great for bringing your dog outside and playing catch. Other accommodation options feature wrap-around decks that offer a sunrise and sunset view, large patio space to spend time outside eating lunch and dinner with your loved ones, and private balconies featuring pristine and unfiltered views of the bright blue water and the boats cruising by. 

Cozy Bedrooms 

Our rentals offer cozy and plush bedrooms that feature large bedding, smart TVs for watching Netflix before you fall asleep at night, ensuite bathrooms with large tubs and marble showers, and bureau/cabinet space that can hold all of your date night outfits, bathing suits, and pajamas. Curl up in bed with your loved one, spread out in the King-sized bed, and cozy up underneath the covers to get a full night of sleep before exploring the next day.  

Make Breakfast in the Kitchen 

As soon as you wake up on Easter morning, you might be so excited that you didn’t get much sleep. But that’s okay! Our large and modern kitchens feature tons of counter space, new stainless steel amenities, and functional space that is perfect for whipping up a snack or making a five-course meal in just minutes. We offer a coffee pot, kettle, and microwave for you to heat up your coffee early in the morning before your guests wake up. This way, you can have a hot cup of joe, sit outside and watch the sunrise, and plan what you are going to do for Easter weekend.  

Spend Time with Your Family 

Relax and spend time with your loved ones in the living room in one of our large accommodation options. You can curl up on the cozy couch and watch TV. Or you can sit in one of the plush chairs and read a book or play a game of cards with your friends. We also offer pull-out sofa bed couches, plush chairs, coffee tables, and dining room tables that offer tons of seating areas for you and your friends, guests, and loved ones to sit down, rest your feet, and plan the next activity for this fun-filled Easter weekend.  

Plan Dinner with Your Guests 

Last but not least, our rentals are in the perfect locations for you to get outside, walk into town, and spend an evening going to dinner, having a few drinks at one of the local bars, or dancing the night away with your best friends! Our rentals are within walking distance of some of the top attractions that are perfect for a fun and upbeat holiday weekend.  

We recommend heading to Cork Soakers Deck and Wine Bar on 47th Terrace to get a strong glass of Pinot Grigio, sparkling and sweet white wine, or yummy cocktail. Sit in the open-air and industrial space and watch something on TV, chat with your pals, or meet locals in the area who can give you the best advice of what to do during the long and sun-filled days.  

Another cool and hip spot that you can frequent on Easter weekend is The Dek Bar on SE 15th Avenue, featuring many TV screens, low prices, friendly people, and good vibes! Head here for some cheap beer and ice-cold drinks that are sure to keep you in good spirits all weekend long.  

Book Your Journey 

For those who are going to Cape Coral this upcoming Easter weekend, we can’t think of anywhere better to stay than one of our Cape Coral 4 Vacation’s properties. We offer luxurious, large, spacious, modern, and functional spaces that are perfect for groups of all sizes. Check out our top rentals for you to stay in during your family-oriented and fun-filled weekend on the coastline of the Sunshine State! Contact us today!