Cape Coral is one of the most beautiful spots in the entire Sunshine State. Instead of going to Orlando, Miami, or Disney World, where you are sure to spend a fortune and have to fight off thousands of people to get in line for a restaurant, beach spot, or thrilling amusement park ride, Cape Coral is ‘Old World Florida.’ It is very relaxed, laid back, and ideal for spending a chilled-out vacation with your friends or family. Plus, when you head here, you don’t have to spend a fortune. We know that going on vacation can not only be time consuming but draining on your wallet. We make sure that you can find things to do with your kids, friends, older adults, or as a solo traveler that fits within your budget and still gives you an unforgettable experience in sunny Florida. Check out cheap and fun things to do in Cape Coral, FL that are inexpensive, unique, and super fun for you to do!  

Head to the Farmers Market

One of the best things to do in Cape Coral is going to the farmers market to buy some fresh produce, local fruit, and wander around the stands. You can chat to homeowners, farmers, and shop owners who make unique products, grow fresh fruits, and offer tasty vegetables for you to use in your dinner for tonight! The farmer’s market also features handcrafted items, artwork, and jewelry that will pair perfectly with your outfit or your property back at home. 

Suntan on the Beach

The beach is free! It is no wonder that this is the number one spot for everyone who goes to Florida. You can head here with a bucket of ice-cold beer, an umbrella, toys, and sandcastle-building items and have a super fun day without spending a penny. Sanibel Island, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Bradenton Beach are all close to each other and offer unique beaches for you to choose from. There are different types of beaches for your preferences, such as ones that offer tough surfing waves, and others that have miles and miles of white sand coastline. The possibilities are endless! 

Relax at the Cape Coral Yacht Club

Although it might sound fancy at the “yacht club,” the Cape Coral Yacht Club Community Park is the only public beach in Cape Coral, ensuring everyone can head here without having to pay for the fun experience. This white sand beach offers tons of space for you to set up your towels and umbrella without being too close to other people. You can build sandcastles, tan int he sunshine, read a book in the shade, or take a mid-afternoon nap.  

Experience the Beauty of Nature

There is no shortage of nature when you go to the Sunshine State, especially if you are headed to the Cape Coral area to walk around the parks, relax on the beaches, wander around one of the numerous nature paths, or just relax outside of your rental property. During your visit, we recommend going to the Rotary Park Environmental Center to take a relaxing walk with your family in the 97-acre plot that features wildlife and beautiful flowers. This is also one of the best spots in the area to see birds, alligators, and snakes! 

If you are keen on seeing unique wildlife that you won’t find in other cities or states in the country, the Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly Garden is a fun place to bring your children for an interactive and educational afternoon.  

Engage with the Local Art Scene

There are dozens, or hundreds, of local artists who live in Florida and the Cape Coral area. We love the artists’ markets, galleries, and stands that offer the chance for tourists and locals alike to interact with talented photographers, sculptors, painters, etc. We recommend checking out the Cape Coral Festival of the Arts which offers the chance to see more than 300 artists up close and personal – and you won’t be alone! This event brings in over 120,000 visitors every single year, so you can enjoy the bustling atmosphere, media, sculptures, food stalls, drinks, and marketplace.  

Head Out on the Water

You can’t go to the Sunshine State without heading out on the bright blue water! Whether you are going surfing in the Gulf, paddleboarding in the lake, or swimming in the pool, getting in the water is a must during your stay. We recommend taking a boat tour on the hundreds of miles of canals, providing you with a fantastic vantage point of the coastline and the activities for you to do during your stay here. Although this will cost some money, you can usually snag a great deal for less than $30 a person!  

Rent a Bike and Cycle Around the City

Renting a bike is super cheap. You can rent a bike for your entire stay for a low price or use the bike share scheme in the city to pay less than $9 per day! Cycle along the hundreds of miles of paths that bring you through Cape Coral, nature reserves, nearby cities, bridges, and beautiful neighborhoods. Combine exercise with sightseeing to get a feel for how Floridians really live. Contact us today!