The first big holiday of the year is just around the corner and we here at Cape Coral 4 Vacations are happily waiting for its arrival! We are talking about Easter, of course, falling on April 17th this year, and as the days grow longer and the temperatures stay absolutely perfect we and visitors from all over the world find ourselves drawn to be outside. You may be experiencing the schizophrenic spring weather that most of the world expects, you know, the rain, the snow, the heat, and maybe an hour of sunshine all throughout a single day, but here in Cape Coral, the temperatures may reach all the way up to the mid-’80s, the sun may dip behind a cloud for a few minutes, and there may possibly be a few minutes of rain, but overall it will be sheer perfection.

If your Easter journey finds you on our Cape Coral 4 Vacations doorsteps, we can promise a getaway filled with comfort, luxury, and a variety of fun activities that we have listed for you in this guide to celebrating Easter in Cape Coral!

Food Free Easter Egg Hunt, Four Freedoms Park, 4818 Tarpon Court Saturday, April 2

Although Easter is still a couple of weeks after this event, there is no better way to build up the excitement for your littles than with this fun Easter Egg hunt which promises just sweet fun but no sweets that are bad for the kiddos. Sponsored by a local chiropractor’s office, the event is free but participants are asked to provide a dozen colorful plastic eggs filled with toys, trinkets, or perhaps even coins, ensuring that there will be plenty of eggs for all the kids to find. Starting at 10 AM and offering a photo with the BBOC (Big Bunny on Campus!) this low-key event is the perfect kick-start for your Easter celebrations!

Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt, William B Austin Youth Center, 315 SW 2nd Avenue, April 2

Proving once again that you can never have too much fun or too many Easter eggs to hunt, this cool event starts at 4 PM for all kids 12 and under. And because kids need sugary treats like parents need moments of peace and quiet, the treats hidden in the eggs found here will be a mixture of candy and prizes, so even if you already participated in the morning egg hunt at Four Freedoms Park, be sure to stop by this event and add to your prizes!

If these sound like fabulous family things to do, check out our vacation home rentals in Cape Coral Florida and start arranging your Easter getaway!

Sunrise, Sunset

At home, many celebrants participate in sunrise services but you may not feel like doing so while in unfamiliar locales, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on that incredible sunrise. A walk along the shore’s edge at sunrise, watching the dark sky turn lighter displays a colorful start to your day guaranteed to make you feel closer to nature and gives visitors many reasons to feel blessed and thankful. (You can even go back to bed after to grab a few more Z’s; you are on vacation after all!) Take it a step further and join in the celebration of sunset in the evening, joining in the crowds that take a minute to stop in their tracks and applaud the beauty that is a Florida sunset. If you have never seen one before, trust us, this event will be among the most memorable of your getaway!

Brunching with the Best

After a sunrise awakening, we can promise you that you will be ready for a big breakfast and whether you are here on Easter Sunday or are visiting earlier in the month, there are plenty of restaurants that will give you exactly what you are craving. In previous years, Fathom’s Restaurant & Bar has offered an amazing Easter Brunch and although they haven’t revealed yet whether they are planning to do the same this Easter, it is definitely worth checking out as time grows closer. In any event, places such as Hart & Soul Café, Annie’s Restaurant, and our personal favorite, Gather, located at 5971 Silver King Boulevard Suite 116, are known for their amazing brunches every weekend of the year and we recommend trying any or all of them out for your brunching adventures!

At Home for Easter in Cape Coral with Cape Coral 4 Vacations

Of course, there is no reason you need to go out at all for your Easter celebration when you choose one of our holiday hideaways for your Florida escape. Create your own Easter brunch in our fully equipped kitchens, decorate eggs in the family-style dining rooms, and hide them for the kiddos to find inside or outside after the decorating has been completed. Our seasonal sanctuaries are designed to make travelers feel at home, no matter how far away from their own homes they are! Contact us to reserve your favorite today!