Spring is the season known for promise. The promise of warmer days ahead, the promise of beautiful flowers, and the promise that road trips always end up at the perfect destination! And although we definitely believe the journey is as important as the destination, we also know that all roads lead to the beauty of Cape Coral, especially when you choose one of our Cape Coral 4 Vacations seasonal sanctuaries as the X that marks the spot on your road map! This guide to the adventures you will have during your Cape Coral vacation in spring will ensure that every minute of your stay with us will be filled with fun, excitement, and comfort!

Find Your Summer Bliss

No, you did not read that wrong, we said summer! As all your friends, family, and acquaintances back home in upstate New York, Kansas, or Connecticut are probably still digging themselves out from under the snow that just dropped in a surprise springs storm, you will be living it up under sunny skies, feeling its warmth revive the coldest parts of you! Temperatures in the 80s mean you will be swimming in the pool that accompanies your Cape Coral 4 Vacations escape, or, even better, frolicking in the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico! Life is better at the beach and the beaches around Cape Coral are just waiting for you to dig your toes in their white sand beaches and after the long road trip you just took, it will feel good for your muscles to stretch as you walk along shore’s edge, saying hello to all the other beach walkers and savoring your time in the sun! And with the temps edging up to 90, you may even want to partake in another summertime favorite, an ice cream cone from Cape Creamery Homemade Premium Ice Cream! Located not far from the beach at 1715 Cape Coral Parkway W, Cape Creamery offers over 35 years of experience and a super sweet list of flavors destined to make your day shine even brighter!

Kayak through the Mangroves on Sanibel Island

The road trip doesn’t have to end when you reach Cape Coral; let it extend to a small day trip to Sanibel Island and a kayak trip through the mangroves. Located just 20 miles away from your personal paradise, Sanibel Island offers an unspoiled beauty that never fails to touch the soil. If you like high rise condos that block the view of the water from the roads and well-groomed landscapes being monitored by gardeners wielding leaf blowers, Sanibel Island may not be for you, but if you prefer the chance to explore a place that offers the feel of old Florida, including its natural landscape, welcome to another paradise! Rent a kayak from Tarbon Bay Explorers and set your internal compass back a few hundred years as you paddle quietly through ancient mangroves. You can also choose to kayak in the Cape Coral Nature Preserve that’s especially for kayaking! The quiet and natural beauty of Sanibel Island will soothe all the ragged edges incurred over days of travel, leaving behind peace, calm, and joy.

If this sounds like an activity you enjoy, you may want to check out our Cape Coral riverfront vacation rentals and start planning your adventure today!

Soothe your Aching Muscles on Your Cape Coral Vacation

The excitement over a road trip tends to dim the further into your travels you get, especially as your muscles begin to ache and complain. Even with frequent stops to explore roadside attractions such as Swampy, the World’s Largest Alligator found in Christmas, Florida, being cramped in a car for many hours is not a happy situation for your body making a spa day practically a necessity. Spa Paradises by Nelly, located at 2336 Surfside Blvd unit e-101, is one of our favorite places to be spoiled, offering a variety of services that will pamper your body from head to toe, including skincare, manicures and pedicures, and of course full-body massages that will take the kinks right out of your muscles! Another local favorite, Aurora Mists, 3108 Del Prado Boulevard S #2 is known for its pampering packages which include a 1 hour Swedish Massage, 30 minutes in the Himalayan Salt Room, and a complimentary glass of wine! (A second glass can be purchased for just $4 more if you feel the need for some extra relaxation!)

Explore the Comforts in your Cape Coral 4 Vacations Spring Sanctuary

After a long road trip, all you may want to do is relax and enjoy the comforts found in our spring escapes! Take a nap in front of state-of-the-art televisions, catching up on some news you may have missed during your travels, hang out by the pool letting the sun’s rays warm you as you watch your kids frolic, or whip up a batch of frothy margaritas in our fully equipped kitchens. Designed to make your spring travels happy and comfortable ones, your stay with us will be another highlight in a vacation filled with special moments. Contact us to reserve your favorite today!