Maybe you are looking for the perfect place for you and a few other couples to enjoy a peak vacation. Or you and your extended family want to take a nice and relaxing vacay to the Sunshine State. Doesn’t this sound ideal? We think so too!

That is why Cape Coral 4 Vacations offers a wide range of properties that can suit your unique needs. We know that Florida is on many travelers’ bucket lists, so that is why we have taken our time and effort to find properties and make them the most modernized to meet your needs and preferences.

Corinne Modern and Almost Brand-New 1044

One of our most popular spots to rent is the Corinne Modern and Almost Brand-New 1044 home in a quiet and relaxed suburban neighborhood in the lovely Northwestern neighborhood of Cape Coral. This 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom house is an off-water property that features an upscale heated pool for swimming any time, day or night. The outdoor area is great for serving al fresco meals, having a sunset happy hour, or relaxing and watching your kids play outside.

Outdoor Space

As soon as you see the home, you will love the modern vibe, large windows, private garage, paved driveway, and front yard space that is rest for playing outside with your kids or your pets. The backyard space features a covered outdoor pool, so you can swim, play in the pool, or tan any time of the year. We offer lounge chairs, sun areas, and covered chairs under the deck so you can sit outside, shield your face from the hot summer sunshine, and make some hot dogs or hamburgers on the outdoor grill. We love the versatility of this modern and cozy outdoor space!

Living Room

Feeling hungry or tired? Head inside and grab a snack and lay down on one of the living room couches. The living room features a plush and cozy leather couch, wooden coffee table for resting your drink or propping up your feet, large flat screen TV for watching your ideal Netflix binge show, and a small chair that is great for reading a book on a mid-afternoon sun break. We love the unique vibe, nautical decor, and bright colors in this friendly living room!

Modern Kitchen

For those who want a snack, head into the nearby kitchen to use the new amenities and stainless-steel appliances to whip up a quick snack or make a hearty sandwich for lunch. The open floor plan, functional space, wooden cabinets, and granite counter tops are great for storing, preparing food, and cooking dinners in no time at all.

Even though you may not be a Master Chef, we know that you will love this modern space. Plus, the high countertop bar stools and the bright lights make this the ideal spot to serve appetizers, play a game of cards, or chat with your guests over a glass of wine or an ice-cold beer.

Dining Room

If you want to have a formal dinner or large breakfast buffet spread with your friends, then head to the dining room table. The circular glass dining room table fits 4 people and is great for putting your plates, serving food, and hanging out with your guests while you sit at the high bar stools. The ample seating areas in this house make it easy for you and your five friends or family members to always be able to chat with one another!

Cozy Bedrooms

And once you are feeling tired and ready to hit the hay, the three bedrooms all provide cozy and comfortable sleeping options that we know you are going to love. The three bedrooms in this house feature plush bedding, cozy pillows, low lighting, big windows, and ensuite bathrooms that make it easy to freshen up in the morning and rinse the sand off your feet at night before hopping under the covers.

The master bedroom has a large walk-around shower, his-and-hers sinks, and a king-sized bed that is large enough for you to share with a person or spread out by yourself. The other bedroom features a large king-size bed for getting a full eight hours of sleep, while the other bedroom features two twin beds that are large enough for anyone. We know that your guests are always going to feel well taken care of and relaxed when they stay in this cozy and inviting home!

If you want to get outside and see what the nearby area has to offer, you won’t have to go far to see the benefits of staying in Cape Coral. Cape Coral is home to numerous restaurants, cafes, beaches, shops, and natural areas that make it one of the most inviting spots in the entire state. And our home is located right in the midst of everything, without being in a crowded or busy area! In just minutes, you can get to a local park, cafe, and walkway that is great for running, cycling, or walking in the morning before the day gets too hot. Contact us today!