If Old World Florida is what you’re after, there is truly nowhere better than Cape Coral! This bustling and cute beach town offers a laid-back attitude and vibe of being in a chilled-out neighborhood.

Forget the resort towns of Orlando and Disney World, where you are always overcome with tons of tourists, loud noises, noisy neighbors, and high prices. Instead, Cape Coral retains the old-school charm that the Sunshine State used to have before so many tourists headed here for the cold winter months and the hot summers!

We recommend staying in one of the cute neighborhoods along the water in the charming town of Cape Coral for your upcoming vacation. Can’t narrow down the endless housing search to find one that meets your needs? No worries — we know it can be stressful to find accommodation, especially if you are searching for a last-minute house for you and a group of friends or family members.

In that case, leave it to us! Cape Coral 4 Vacations can help you find a house in no time. If you and a few of your BFFs or family members are thinking of heading here for an upcoming holiday, The Four Aces 1012 could be the home for you!

Living Room

As soon as you enter the house, you will love the cozy vibe and decorations in the living room. For those who want a modern beach house look with nautical colors and wooden flooring, this is it! You can chill out in the living room and watch your favorite movie, TV show, or home video on the large flatscreen TV as you take a midday break from being outside in the hot sunshine. Or sit in one of the cozy chairs and prop your feet up as you read a book, sip on a Mai Tai cocktail, or chat with your pals.

The living room offers ample seating areas so your five guests can comfortably sit and chat with one another, watch TV, or play a board game. The attached dining room is also extremely handy for those who want to have a formal meal with their friends, sit here and do some remote work during a busy period, or play a board game on the table. Monopoly, anyone?

Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is truly a make-or-break item for most rental properties. If you have an old and run-down kitchen, the chances you are going to want to make breakfast, make a pot of coffee, whip up some snacks, or cook a nice meal for yourself and your guests is very diminished.

That is why we added a charming kitchen that offers a granite countertop, stainless steel kitchen appliances, bar stool seating areas, and a wide-open layout that makes it easy for you to get around the house with ease. We love the open floor plan, functional layout, and cool vibe of the kitchen, which is truly the focal point of the house!

Cozy Bedrooms

And, of course, you can’t talk about a rental home without addressing the bedrooms! We make sure that both bedrooms in this house offer plush bedding for you to snuggle up in at night after a long day of surfing, swimming, or laying out on the beach. The soft linens are cozy against your skin, while the fluffy pillows are truly conducive to a full eight hours of sleep.

Plus, we offer bedrooms with tons of storage space so you can unpack all your clothes with ease. Not to mention, the windows in the bedroom let in natural light in the morning and make it possible for you to listen to the sound of the crashing waves to lull yourself to sleep!


Last but not least, we go the extra mile for our guests. Cape Coral 4 Vacations offers only the best of the best properties with much-needed amenities that make it easy for you to feel safe and secure during the entirety of your stay.

This house offers an emergency exit route, a carbon monoxide detector, a fire extinguisher, a deadbolt lock, and self-check-in and checkout procedures that provide you with independence and flexibility. We make sure that we go the extra mile so you can feel comfortable with your family here — we even offer outdoor lighting for late-night emails, 24-hour check-in for any changes in travel plans, and a guest gap period for 24 hours!

Doesn’t this sound like the ideal vacation home for you and your friends? We think so, too! Check out The Four Aces 1012 today to book the ideal property of your dreams for your upcoming get-away with your pals. Contact us today!