Are you in the mood to spend a relaxing holiday with your best pals? If so, we have the ideal spot for you! Instead of going to a crowded city where you are going to spend time inside stores to escape the cold, overpay for a crowded amusement park hotel room, or spend hours and hours on a plane to go to Europe, we have a better idea in mind.

Enjoy a stress-free and easy-to-plan Cape Coral, Florida vacation! Yes, that’s right, we are talking about the incredible and pristine state of Florida, featuring white sand beaches, bright blue waves, crashing surf, coastal walkways, fishing piers, mouthwatering seafood, and much more.

And if you and a small group of friends, family members, or a couple’s getaway want to stay in a lovely home, then check out our properties from Cape Coral 4 Vacations. We recommend booking Lazy Lagoon 1010 if you and 5 of your best pals or loved ones want to spend time going to the beach, eating at cute cafes, going on relaxing bike rides, and just relaxing after a long day of surfing, boogie boarding, or building sandcastles.

The Villa Lazy Lagoon is a 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom house with much needed features that make your home even more luxurious and functional. We love this property for its modern features, stainless-steel kitchen appliances, comfortable furniture, large dining room table, HD cable TV, outdoor lighting, and large master bedroom.

Common Space

The living room features two cozy gray couches with plush pillows, a coffee table to hold your drinks or play a game of cards, and nautical decorations that make this feel like a sleek and chic beach house. We love the open floor plan in the common space that makes it easy for you to walk around the first floor and sit on the high-top bar stools, bar area, outdoor seating area, and modern kitchen. The living room has an HD Cable TV that is great for watching your favorite shows or feature-length flicks to calm down after a stressful travel day!

Modern Kitchen

If you are a bit hungry after a long drive or flight to get to Cape Coral, head to the new kitchen in just a few steps from the cozy couch to whip up a quick snack, filling breakfast, healthy lunch, happy hour cocktail, or seafood dinner. We love the granite countertop, high-top bar stools for eating appetizers, and white cabinets for storing your snacks and utensils.

Outdoor Space

The outdoor space is one of the main focal points of this house! The outdoor area features a covered pool, so you can swim any day of the year and never feel cold! The al fresco dining area is ideal for enjoying a dinner date night with your partner, having a drink and watching the sun go down, or playing a board game with your friends.

You can also use the private pool to take a dip and ease your aching muscles, teach your kids how to swim, or just float on a raft and get a nice tan. Even during a late fall evening or a “cold” winter day, the heated pool deck is perfect for enjoying outside time!

Relax in the Bedroom at Night

Luckily for you and your guests, the house features 3 bedrooms that are all cozy and comfortable for getting a full eight hours of sleep, cuddling with your loved one before bed, or decompressing and reading a book under the covers at night.

The master bedroom has many cabinets for storing your clothes, counters for getting ready in the morning, and a walk-in shower to rinse the sand off your feet. The bedrooms feature king-sized beds (in the master) and queen-sized beds in the other two bedrooms, so you can rest assured your guests have tons of space to spread out and truly relax this holiday!


Necessary add-ons are key to boosting the luxuriousness of this home with just a few more features. Unlike staying in a hotel, hostel, or Airbnb, where you pay for the bare minimum and often must share amenities with hundreds of other guests, this private home offers cool features you won’t find elsewhere.

Our Villa Lazy Lagoon property offers Alexa to play music and keep the party going all day and all night long. Plus, you can use the super-fast WiFi and many desks and remote workspaces to stay connected to your office for Zoom calls, conference meetings, and emails.

Finally, this property has safety features, so you always feel secure with your entire family, including the emergency fire contact, emergency police contact, and smoke detector.

A Cape Coral, Florida vacation sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? We think so, too! Contact Cape Coral 4 Vacations to book Villa Lazy Lagoon today.