Cape Coral is a fun place to go at any time of the year. In the summer months, you will be able to play outside on the beach, get a tan, and go surfing in the bright blue water. But, when the cold weather hits your hometown, you might be thinking of how you can escape the blustery winds and cold, dreary weather. Where should you go off to for the upcoming December months? 

Well, we are happy to say that Cape Coral is a fantastic vacation spot for you to check out any time of the year. During the cold of November, December, and January, you can take a flight or hop in the car and head to Cape Coral, Florida. This picturesque and peaceful part of the coast is great for those who want to still be able to walk on the beach, or biking during the warm days, experience hours and hours of sunshine, and avoid the dreary and rainy weather. 

Keep reading to see the top reasons why Cape Coral is a MUST visit for your upcoming holiday getaway. Just because tourists usually come here during the summer months, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great spot to check out once the first snowfall hits. 

Holiday Festival of Lights

One of the most anticipated events that occurs in the entire state of Florida is the Holiday Festival of Lights. This famous event has been happening in Cape Coral and the surrounding towns for over two decades now, making it an exciting holiday occurrence for both tourists and locals alike. Head to the Christmas Town Center so your kids can meet Santa, take photos with the elves, watch and sing along to upbeat live music, and take a ride on the Tiny Toy Train with your younger children. The good vibes will really put you in the holiday spirit!  

Cape Coral Historical Museum

The next thing that is a surefire way to get excited for the holiday season is to go to the Cape Coral Historical Museum to celebrate the holidays. Head to this famous institution to see the Southwest Florida Dulcimer Club — and save money in the process. This free and fun holiday event is held on December 11th, meaning everyone can get involved in the fun.  

Cape Coral Christmas Boat Parade

The Cape Coral Christmas Boat Parade is an annual event that people come to from all over the Sunshine State. The boat parade is a great way to have families and kids of all ages on their feet and watching this fun holiday occurrence, featuring a large movie on the big screen, boat parade, arts and craft games for the younger kids, Christmas music for singalongs, drinks to keep the spirits high, and food vendors that offer mouthwatering snacks.  

Edison and Ford Holiday Nights

This ongoing holiday event is a big hit among people who live in Cape Coral and those who fly here to escape the cold and dreary winter weather! Get rid of the mist, snow, sleet, and wind, and instead head to the Edison and Ford Winter Estates to see the incredible lights, decorations, and Santa Claus appearances almost every single night during December.  

You can also take a guided tour to learn more about the estate and the winter homes of the area. We recommend purchasing tickets ahead of time to save money and guarantee admission on a busy night.  

Walk on the Beach

There is nothing better than waking up on Christmas morning and not being worried that you are going to be freezing as soon as you head outside. Leave the snow behind and head to Cape Coral so you can walk along the beach, feel the soft breeze on your face, and enjoy the warm weather. Who knows, you might even get a tan this holiday season. 

There are numerous beaches that are conducive to picnics, walking along the sand, watching the surfers with their wetsuits in the water, or gazing at the incredible sunset as the day goes on. We love going to Fort Myers Beach to walk along the miles of white sand beaches or the Yacht Club Beach to go and grab a drink after going for a sunset walk. You Can also head to Captiva Island and Captiva Beach, which are just a few minutes from Cape Coral, to enjoy more seclusion and see the incredible flora and fauna in the area. 

There are so many reasons for you to head to Cape Coral this Christmas season! Unlike other times of year, when it may be too crowded, you will be able to see the incredible sights of the coastal area without being surrounded by tons of tourists. Enjoy the peace, quiet, and tranquility this holiday season as you bask in the glow of the warm weather in the Sunshine State. Contact us today!