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Make Your Way to Cape Coral this 4th of July!


The 4th of July is arguably the biggest holiday during the summertime months. Known for colorful fireworks, exciting parades, friendly beach celebrations, strong and tasty drinks, and fun times to be had by all, this holiday is smack-dab in the middle of summer — meaning the kids are out of school, people go on holiday from work, and the weather is perfect for relaxing at the beach. So, where should you go during this upcoming nationwide holiday?

We recommend heading to the beautiful Cape Coral! Cape Coral, Florida, is a lesser-known town in Southwest Florida that is often eclipsed by the bigger cities like Orlando and the more prominent attractions like Disney World. However, the locals love it like that! It has stayed one of the best-kept secrets in the southern United States. This cute and smaller city has kept its Florida charm without being overrun by summer and winter tourists.

Located near the Matlacha Pass Aquatic Preserve and the bustling city of Fort Myers, Cape Coral, is known for its proximity to the coast, local wildlife areas, hiking trails, and the Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve, and marine animals. Let’s see why this is the ideal spot to head for the 4th of July, whether you are coming by yourself, with your family, or with your friends!

If you plan a trip with the whole family, you can check out our beautiful and comfortable large-family Cape Coral rentals today!

Cape Coral 4th of July

Don’t worry — we will definitely celebrate the Cape Coral 4th of July in 2022! The City of Cape Coral Parks and Recreation Department is already on the job to provide the tourists and locals with the biggest single-day event in the entire southwest region of Florida! You can rest assured there will be tons of people flocking here to enjoy the restaurant deals, fireworks celebrations, parade, and much more.

Plus, it is FREE for everyone! You don’t have to worry about spending a fortune for you and your family on tickets for this exclusive event. It is free for all attendees on July 4th, allowing anyone who shows up to attend a barbeque catered meal (with two beverages), enjoy a game area, relax in the private section, and enjoy a prime viewing section for the incredible fireworks show.

Once you have seen the amazing celebrations, stay a few more days! There are dozens of yummy restaurants and entertainment for you and your family to explore. We recommend trying Fish Tale Grill for the best seafood on the island, Point 57 Kitchen & Cocktails for strong frozen drinks, Bonefish Grill for great calamari, and the Twisted Lobster for buttery lobster.

Accommodation in Cape Coral, Florida

To ensure you get a good place to stay without fighting tooth and nail for a hotel room, check out Cape Coral vacation homes ahead of time. Luckily for you, there are dozens of options. It doesn’t matter if you would rather have relaxed accommodation in the middle of a suburban neighborhood or want beachfront accommodation, there is something for everyone in this cute town.

Check out Cape Coral 4 Vacations to find luxury accommodation options with all the much-needed amenities to make your stay one that you will never forget. Cape Coral 4 Vacations has a long-standing positive reputation in the industry, having served the southwestern area for almost two decades. Featuring knowledgeable agents and professionals who can help you find the home of your dreams and provide you with the best “things to do” in the local area, you will never want for anything.

Featuring over 50 rental homes in the nearby area, you can choose between luxury rentals, beachfront rentals, Cape Coral waterfront vacation rentals, and smaller condos that will suit your price range and necessary features. If you are in the market for luxury rentals, we recommend looking at the Blue Water Pool house that can fit 8 guests. Or, if you need a little more space, check out the Tropical Retreat that has 4 bedrooms and can comfortably fit 10 guests. All luxury amenities have high-end appliances, modern touches, and cozy living spaces for you and your friends to relax.

For those who want to bring their beloved dog with them on their vacation, you can choose from one of the many pet-friendly rentals, offering more backyard space, seclusion, and safety in case your pet decides to explore the local area. For gulf access rentals, check out some of the top options that let you bring your boat and have access to a dock and green space in your backyard.

Book Your Accommodations Today

No matter what you need, Cape Coral 4 Vacations is in the market to make sure you and your family have the best vacation possible. For vacationers who want luxury amenities, hands-on service, and modern touches that will make them never want to leave their holiday home, contact Cape Coral 4 Vacations to ensure you choose a place to stay that will make your Cape Coral 4th of July one you will never forget!

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Property Walkthrough

Property Walkthrough: Anchors Away 1021


Cape Coral is a beautiful coastal town in Lee County, Florida. With close proximity to Fort Myers, the Yucca Peninsula United States Wildlife Management Area, Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park, Matlacha Pass Aquatic Preserve, Pine Island, Cape Haze Aquatic Preserve, and Fred C. Babcock Wildlife Management Area, this part of Florida really is an area of unspoiled natural beauty!

There is no better place to view aquatic wildlife, dip your toes in the water, and explore the nearby cities. But where should you stay during your upcoming holiday to Cape Coral? We have got you covered.

Cape Coral 4 Vacations has the ideal property for your family, you and your friends, or a couple’s retreat. Let’s check out Anchors Away Cape Coral vacation rental and why this is a relaxing and idyllic place to stay during this once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

Book Anchors Away 1021 Here!

Anchors Away 1021

Located across the canal, just a few minutes away from the Caloosahatchee River, this property is a modern and cute Floridian house that is ideal for those who want boat and waterfront access! With backyard access to the canal, where you can sit in one of the Adirondack chairs and watch the passing sailboats or put your own boat out to sea, there is no shortage of things to do when you are based at this beautiful property.

Featuring 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, this house is suitable for six guests to live comfortably. Don’t worry about having to cram into one hotel room — you can spread out in the remodeled home and claim your own bedroom. The master bedroom has a comfortable king-size bed, smart TV to watch your favorite Netflix shows, and an en-suite for taking a shower after a long day of exploring. Wash the sand away with the full bath or the modern shower before heading to dinner.

Your guests will enjoy the Guest Suite, a private suite located on the opposing side of the home. This way, you can each feel like you are on your own vacation when you relax in your room at night or for an afternoon siesta!

Once you have each relaxed in your bedroom, you can reconvene in the main living area. This comfortable and modern space is great for sipping on some drinks, reminiscing about your day, and planning the next day’s itinerary. Sit on the comfortable and plush couch or loveseat and set your drink on the coffee table.

The coffee table and lamp tables are modern with sleek wood, matching the TV bureau. The couches are dark gray with accent pillows that match the rug and the decor of the home. You will really feel like you are in a crisp, clean, and luxurious beach house when you relax in the bright and airy living room!

If you want to make a few drinks or coffee for you and your guests, head to the modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. You can whip something up in the microwave, use the modern coffee maker, throw something in the microwave, or just make drinks at the bar area while your guests relax at the dining room table or in the living room.

If the weather is nice — which it usually is! — head outside and enjoy the views of the water from your backyard. Sit under the covered patio at the table for four and begin grilling a few steaks to have for dinner, or you can enjoy the covered pool with views of the nearby canal.

For those who want to explore the nearby Cape Coral area, there are tons of things to do after resting your head on your comfortable pillow at night! We recommend heading into town to check out some breakfast spots for a nice treat. Try the pancakes at South Cafe Diner and Breakfast Restaurant, the Eggs Benedict at Hart & Soul Cafe, or the shrimp and grits at Keke’s Breakfast Cafe. No matter where you choose, you’re going to feel full and satisfied after!

Then, maybe it’s time to do a few activities to burn off some of those breakfast calories. We recommend kayaking or canoeing down the canal outside of your home, heading to the Cape Coral Farmers Market to get some fresh produce for later, taking a stroll in the Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve, or heading to the Wicked Dolphin Distillery. This may not burn off calories, but the spirits will taste great on a full stomach!

If you want to head to Cape Coral for vacation but you are unsure where to stay, Cape Coral 4 Vacations has the perfect place for you and your party. Anchors Away 1021 is a modern, cozy, and perfectly located home that will make all your holiday dreams come true. With two spacious bedrooms, a comfortable living room area, and a modern kitchen, what more could you ask for?

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Celebrate Easter In Cape Coral, FL


The first big holiday of the year is just around the corner and we here at Cape Coral 4 Vacations are happily waiting for its arrival! We are talking about Easter, of course, falling on April 17th this year, and as the days grow longer and the temperatures stay absolutely perfect we and visitors from all over the world find ourselves drawn to be outside. You may be experiencing the schizophrenic spring weather that most of the world expects, you know, the rain, the snow, the heat, and maybe an hour of sunshine all throughout a single day, but here in Cape Coral, the temperatures may reach all the way up to the mid-’80s, the sun may dip behind a cloud for a few minutes, and there may possibly be a few minutes of rain, but overall it will be sheer perfection.

If your Easter journey finds you on our Cape Coral 4 Vacations doorsteps, we can promise a getaway filled with comfort, luxury, and a variety of fun activities that we have listed for you in this guide to celebrating Easter in Cape Coral!

Food Free Easter Egg Hunt, Four Freedoms Park, 4818 Tarpon Court Saturday, April 2

Although Easter is still a couple of weeks after this event, there is no better way to build up the excitement for your littles than with this fun Easter Egg hunt which promises just sweet fun but no sweets that are bad for the kiddos. Sponsored by a local chiropractor’s office, the event is free but participants are asked to provide a dozen colorful plastic eggs filled with toys, trinkets, or perhaps even coins, ensuring that there will be plenty of eggs for all the kids to find. Starting at 10 AM and offering a photo with the BBOC (Big Bunny on Campus!) this low-key event is the perfect kick-start for your Easter celebrations!

Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt, William B Austin Youth Center, 315 SW 2nd Avenue, April 2

Proving once again that you can never have too much fun or too many Easter eggs to hunt, this cool event starts at 4 PM for all kids 12 and under. And because kids need sugary treats like parents need moments of peace and quiet, the treats hidden in the eggs found here will be a mixture of candy and prizes, so even if you already participated in the morning egg hunt at Four Freedoms Park, be sure to stop by this event and add to your prizes!

If these sound like fabulous family things to do, check out our vacation home rentals in Cape Coral Florida and start arranging your Easter getaway!

Sunrise, Sunset

At home, many celebrants participate in sunrise services but you may not feel like doing so while in unfamiliar locales, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on that incredible sunrise. A walk along the shore’s edge at sunrise, watching the dark sky turn lighter displays a colorful start to your day guaranteed to make you feel closer to nature and gives visitors many reasons to feel blessed and thankful. (You can even go back to bed after to grab a few more Z’s; you are on vacation after all!) Take it a step further and join in the celebration of sunset in the evening, joining in the crowds that take a minute to stop in their tracks and applaud the beauty that is a Florida sunset. If you have never seen one before, trust us, this event will be among the most memorable of your getaway!

Brunching with the Best

After a sunrise awakening, we can promise you that you will be ready for a big breakfast and whether you are here on Easter Sunday or are visiting earlier in the month, there are plenty of restaurants that will give you exactly what you are craving. In previous years, Fathom’s Restaurant & Bar has offered an amazing Easter Brunch and although they haven’t revealed yet whether they are planning to do the same this Easter, it is definitely worth checking out as time grows closer. In any event, places such as Hart & Soul Café, Annie’s Restaurant, and our personal favorite, Gather, located at 5971 Silver King Boulevard Suite 116, are known for their amazing brunches every weekend of the year and we recommend trying any or all of them out for your brunching adventures!

At Home for Easter in Cape Coral with Cape Coral 4 Vacations

Of course, there is no reason you need to go out at all for your Easter celebration when you choose one of our holiday hideaways for your Florida escape. Create your own Easter brunch in our fully equipped kitchens, decorate eggs in the family-style dining rooms, and hide them for the kiddos to find inside or outside after the decorating has been completed. Our seasonal sanctuaries are designed to make travelers feel at home, no matter how far away from their own homes they are! Contact us to reserve your favorite today!

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Property Walkthrough

Property Walkthrough: Fish & Sips


When planning a Florida getaway, chances are there are many things on your itinerary you are looking forward to, but it just may be the simpler items listed that will bring you the greatest pleasures. The comforts of a soft sofa that entices you to drift off into refreshing naps, the taste of a glass of wine enjoyed as you sit under a covered patio next to a clear blue pool, and the quiet moments spent sitting on a private dock, pole in hand, cooler at side. These simple pleasures can all be yours when you choose our Cape Coral 4 Vacation 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, Fish & Sip property. Offering all the comforts of home, this vacation rental in Florida sits on a canal that runs through the neighborhood, bringing guests the added benefits that go along with waterfront living and our guide to all its charms will bring you even closer to clicking the book now button that will start your amazing Florida getaway!

Book Fish and Sips 1023 Here!

Step into Comfort

Sandy colored stucco, generously sized windows, and a charcoal shingled roof are the first things you may notice about Fish & Sips and as you pull into the cobblestoned driveway, your heart may skip a beat as you realize that THIS is the moment you have been planning for and dreaming about for many months. Step under the arch that leads you to its entrance and prepare for adventures in comfort as the front door swings open for the very first time, revealing an open floor plan that is bright, beautiful, and oh so comfortable. Rich blue accent pieces complement the crisp white of the walls in the living room where white leather recliner sofas and rattan chairs topped with bright blue cushions face a super-sized flat tv hanging on the wall of a built-in bookshelf. A bank of sliding glass walls open to bring the outside in and help in keeping the living room bright during daylight hours; the views from the living room promise to delight as you can see out to the pool and the waterway beyond.

The kitchen of Fish & Sips is a large space open to the rest of the room, offering countertops the color of sand and updated appliances that help keep the costs of your Cape Coral vacation to a more reasonable level. The dining area, tucked away in a corner in front of a window and another set of sliding doors, is purely Florida in style, offering white painted ratan chairs that surround a glass table. This space is perfect for dining, but it is also the perfect place to enjoy family friendly adventures in the form of games, puzzles, or vacation planning sessions.

The bedrooms in this charming vacation rental in Florida are designed to ensure that each night’s sleep is the best one, with each bedroom offering up something that makes it stand out. The master suite with its king bed, television hanging on the wall opposite, and its own entrance out to the pool is a quietly tranquil room. The attached bath provides a double vanity and a walk-in shower to go along with the privacy parents crave. Guest bedroom 2 offers its own charm, featuring a queen bed topped with beachy linens, a smart tv hanging on the wall opposite, and a wall of windows that keep the room bright until the blinds are closed and night falls. This room shares access to the main bath in the home, another space offering dual vanities and a walk-in shower. The 3rd and final bedroom is a cheerful space built for kids. Two twin beds with wicker headboards and a handy guide to seashells that can be found on Cape Coral beaches are sure to trigger the imaginations of all who sleep within! A laundry room with full size washer and dryer completes the tour of the interiors of Fish & Sips, but as you might expect from any of our Cape Coral 4 Vacations homes, there is so much more to see in its outdoor areas!

First, There’s the Pool

Large, clear, and sparkling clean, this beautiful body of water is guaranteed to be one of the most popular spots in the house, offering hours of entertainment and fun as you keep cool or lounge around the pool working on your tan. The covered patio provides places to sit, relax, and dine, offering comfortable patio furniture and a dining table that seats 6. Outside the screened in pool area lies another source of water fun, the waterway that runs throughout the community offers a private dock for fishing and the opportunity to keep a rented boat docked for even more fun! Even if you only choose to sit out here in one of the cool blue Adirondack chairs, sipping wine and watching the action on the water, though, you and your entire family are guaranteed to have the time of your lives!

Reserve Fish & Sips Today

Offering a perfect example of Florida hospitality, this charming vacation rental in Florida is destined to be an integral part of your vacation experience! Book our Fish & Sips vacation rental today.

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Vacation Planning

Plan A Spring Road Trip to Cape Coral, Florida


Spring is the season known for promise. The promise of warmer days ahead, the promise of beautiful flowers, and the promise that road trips always end up at the perfect destination! And although we definitely believe the journey is as important as the destination, we also know that all roads lead to the beauty of Cape Coral, especially when you choose one of our Cape Coral 4 Vacations seasonal sanctuaries as the X that marks the spot on your road map! This guide to the adventures you will have during your Cape Coral vacation in spring will ensure that every minute of your stay with us will be filled with fun, excitement, and comfort!

Find Your Summer Bliss

No, you did not read that wrong, we said summer! As all your friends, family, and acquaintances back home in upstate New York, Kansas, or Connecticut are probably still digging themselves out from under the snow that just dropped in a surprise springs storm, you will be living it up under sunny skies, feeling its warmth revive the coldest parts of you! Temperatures in the 80s mean you will be swimming in the pool that accompanies your Cape Coral 4 Vacations escape, or, even better, frolicking in the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico! Life is better at the beach and the beaches around Cape Coral are just waiting for you to dig your toes in their white sand beaches and after the long road trip you just took, it will feel good for your muscles to stretch as you walk along shore’s edge, saying hello to all the other beach walkers and savoring your time in the sun! And with the temps edging up to 90, you may even want to partake in another summertime favorite, an ice cream cone from Cape Creamery Homemade Premium Ice Cream! Located not far from the beach at 1715 Cape Coral Parkway W, Cape Creamery offers over 35 years of experience and a super sweet list of flavors destined to make your day shine even brighter!

Kayak through the Mangroves on Sanibel Island

The road trip doesn’t have to end when you reach Cape Coral; let it extend to a small day trip to Sanibel Island and a kayak trip through the mangroves. Located just 20 miles away from your personal paradise, Sanibel Island offers an unspoiled beauty that never fails to touch the soil. If you like high rise condos that block the view of the water from the roads and well-groomed landscapes being monitored by gardeners wielding leaf blowers, Sanibel Island may not be for you, but if you prefer the chance to explore a place that offers the feel of old Florida, including its natural landscape, welcome to another paradise! Rent a kayak from Tarbon Bay Explorers and set your internal compass back a few hundred years as you paddle quietly through ancient mangroves. You can also choose to kayak in the Cape Coral Nature Preserve that’s especially for kayaking! The quiet and natural beauty of Sanibel Island will soothe all the ragged edges incurred over days of travel, leaving behind peace, calm, and joy.

If this sounds like an activity you enjoy, you may want to check out our Cape Coral riverfront vacation rentals and start planning your adventure today!

Soothe your Aching Muscles on Your Cape Coral Vacation

The excitement over a road trip tends to dim the further into your travels you get, especially as your muscles begin to ache and complain. Even with frequent stops to explore roadside attractions such as Swampy, the World’s Largest Alligator found in Christmas, Florida, being cramped in a car for many hours is not a happy situation for your body making a spa day practically a necessity. Spa Paradises by Nelly, located at 2336 Surfside Blvd unit e-101, is one of our favorite places to be spoiled, offering a variety of services that will pamper your body from head to toe, including skincare, manicures and pedicures, and of course full-body massages that will take the kinks right out of your muscles! Another local favorite, Aurora Mists, 3108 Del Prado Boulevard S #2 is known for its pampering packages which include a 1 hour Swedish Massage, 30 minutes in the Himalayan Salt Room, and a complimentary glass of wine! (A second glass can be purchased for just $4 more if you feel the need for some extra relaxation!)

Explore the Comforts in your Cape Coral 4 Vacations Spring Sanctuary

After a long road trip, all you may want to do is relax and enjoy the comforts found in our spring escapes! Take a nap in front of state-of-the-art televisions, catching up on some news you may have missed during your travels, hang out by the pool letting the sun’s rays warm you as you watch your kids frolic, or whip up a batch of frothy margaritas in our fully equipped kitchens. Designed to make your spring travels happy and comfortable ones, your stay with us will be another highlight in a vacation filled with special moments. Contact us to reserve your favorite today!

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Property Management

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Thank you yet again for your hard work. I believe choosing MHB was one of our best choices and we couldn’t be more satisfied. Markus stopped by a couple days ago and answered some questions which was a big help. Thanks again so very much. You and your whole family have been a Godsend.

Richard and Kelly Paul

Villa Lazy Daze



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Property Walkthrough

Golfer’s Paradise


If you want to be right on the course, look no further than Golfer’s Paradise! There is sure to be enough room for the whole family as this home features three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Whether you enjoy cooking up a meal in the gourmet kitchen or lounging poolside, there are lots of things to do in Cape Coral when you book this fabulous vacation rental, right off of Coral Oaks Golf Course!

Make sure you reserve a tee time for the day with friends or family. Once you are done enjoying some time under the Florida sunshine, you’ll be sure to rest peacefully in the comforts of our Cape Coral Vacation Rentals! When planning one of the top things to do in Cape Coral, look no further than golf, where you can play year-round, while also benefiting from offseason prices and rates in the summertime! Grab your clubs because it’s time to swing your way through the fairways on your next Cape Coral getaway!

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Things to do in Cape Coral

Coral Oaks Golf Course


One of the best golf courses in Cape Coral, FL, has to be the Coral Oaks Golf Course. You don’t have to be a member to join in the fun on the green, but if you live nearby or visit regularly, they offer incredible year-round seasonal passes, or you can view their summer specials! This beautifully designed course boasts 18 holes to play, Eagle greens, stunning landscape with fairways, lakes, and bunkers. Fit for all skill levels, you’ll want to give Coral Oaks shot! Don’t forget to check out the Pro Shop, grab a drink after your game at Knickers Pub, or test your skill with a lesson from their PGA professional staff members.

Beyond Coral Oaks Golf Course, our lovely town offers three other courses to play:
Hunters Run
Cape Coral Golf Club
Palmetto Pine

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Things to do in Cape Coral

Fun Activities


Winter and spring make golfing in Florida a paradise and one of the best things to do in Cape Coral. The weather is perfect, and the greens are fascinating to play. Summer, on the other hand, brings a different appeal for golfers, whether you’re looking for an early morning tee time or an afternoon putting practice, Cape Coral offers fantastic reasons for golfing in those hotter months. So grab your golf clubs and make sure you’ve got your swing ready because when you stay at our lovely Cape Coral Vacation Rentals, you’ll enjoy more than just the scenery. Golfing in FL
Golfing in Florida in the summertime tends to be underrated. While peak season is from January to March, in Florida’s sunny coastal areas, summer lends a beautiful time to visit and play around. We all know summer is hot, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your time on the green this year! Just remember to bring water with you when on the course to keep yourself hydrated.

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