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Vacation Planning

Spend Your Next Wedding Anniversary in Cape Coral


If you are trying to find the best place to spend your wedding anniversary in Cape Coral, you want somewhere that offers outdoor activities, romantic events, and endless things for you and your partner to do during your time alone. There is no better way to rekindle the spark between you and your partner than by spending time in a beautiful place and taking time to bond with one another!  

Let’s check out some of the top things to do during your stay in Cape Coral:  

Play Arcade Games Together 

If you like a fun-filled and exciting date night with your partner, you have to head to the Retro Zone Arcade to play games together like you are teenagers again! Head here to check out the 60+ arcade games that range from driving games to easy puzzle games for you to challenge one another with. You can even go back to your childhood and play pinball machines and classic games, like Nintendo 64 Mario Kart racing adventures! The retro vibe, laid-back atmosphere, and endless games make this a fun way to kick off the romantic afternoon. 

Grab a Drink at Perk and Brew 

Perk and Brew is a great spot to continue your date night or head the next morning for a boozy brunch. We recommend getting one of the Tex-Mex dishes, like a filling vegetable burrito with melted cheese and crunchy tortilla chips on the side. Pair one of the hearty burritos with high-quality and never-ending filter coffee to perk up the morning after a late night!  

Play an Escape Game 

If you are trapped in a  room with your loved one, it might not seem all bad — but the point of the Escape Game is to get out of the room together! Head to the Cape Escape Rooms to put your brains together to solve puzzles and figure out a way to win the puzzle in 60 minutes or less. The adrenaline and heart-pumping nature of this activity is a fun way to start a date night with your loved one.  

Challenge Your Partner to a Game of Golf 

Okay, we don’t mean a full game of golf that requires gear, caddies, and golf carts. But we think that heading to the Tropical Breeze Fun Park to rent a ball and a club to play some mini golf is a fun way to bring out the competitive spirit between you and your partner! Challenge your romantic partner to an 18-hole game of miniature golf before heading into the town to grab a bite to eat.  

Listen to Live Music  

One fun thing to do on a weekend or weeknight date is to head to the Ranch Concert Hall to see famous artists and local musicians perform. We love coming here on a cool summer night and bringing a picnic and a few drinks to listen to local musicians and sing along to some of our favorite tunes!  

Have a Sweet Treat 

If you are in the mood for something sweet to end your night on the right note, then going to Lady Cakes Bakery is the last stop on your itinerary! This dessert location serves up the best cupcakes in the entire area, making it the ideal place to split a multi-tier cupcake with your loved one before heading back home. 

Romantic Restaurants in Cape Coral, FL 

Going on a romantic date night to a fancy and fresh food restaurant is one of the best ways to rekindle your love with one another over mouth-watering dishes and flowing conversation. Let’s check out the best dinner spots for a date night with your partner. 

First, the Fish Tale Grill is one of the best spots in the entire state to head to for fresh seafood. We recommend splitting the duo of tartare with the table, including fresh ahi tuna and fresh salmon tartare with mango and chips. Or, you can split the little neck clams with butter, wine, garlic, tomato, and ciabatta bread.  

For a main dish, you can’t go wrong with splitting the fish tale tower platter. Split the cocktail shrimp, king crab, gulf oysters, local clams, lobster, snow crab, jumbo lump crab, and multiple sauces with your partner for a seafood feast! Or, you can’t go wrong with the Alaskan King Crab or Lobster Roll and having a bottle of wine. 

Another fan favorite to check out for a fun date night is Rum Runners Restaurant, a waterfront dining establishment that is always busy from day to night! If you come here for dinner, we recommend splitting the Steamed Mussels Provencal, with Prince Edward Island mussels, garlic sauce, carrot, fennel and onions, and shellfish broth. For a main dish, you can’t go wrong with the Seafood Pot Pie with sweet baby shrimp, scallops, lump crab meat, diced potato, and a flaky pastry.  

For those who want a traditional Italian meal with a bottle of wine, head to Ciao Wood Fired. This old-school Italian restaurant consistently churns out wood-fired pizzas that are to die for, large pasta plates, and sweet desserts. We recommend getting the crab stuffed shrimp with a garlic cream sauce to split with the table, or the steamed clams with white wine and heirloom tomatoes. 

Lastly, Slate’s on Candia Street is a popular spot for American dishes with a Cajun and Creole influence. The brick-lined walls and low lighting makes this the best spot for a date night with your partner. We recommend getting one of their specialty cocktails, like the Cape Sunset with Tito’s vodka, Aperol, orange, and grapefruit juice. Pair the sweet drink with a crab cake appetizer to split with the table. For a main dish, we recommend splitting one of the fresh oysters, like the fried oyster tostadas with tortilla chips and a habanero sauce.  

Couples’ Accommodation in Cape Coral, FL 

Not sure where to stay for your romantic weekend in Florida? We have the details taken care of for you, so all you have to do is show up! Use Cape Coral 4 Vacations today to book a holiday home of your dreams for a weekend escape that you and your loved one will talk about for years to come.  

Cape Coral 4 Vacations offers luxurious homes, modern apartments, cozy condos, and much more that can suit your unique needs. Whether you want a home right on the beach, or you want a large condominium with shared amenities, we have something for everyone. Browse our website today to find the perfect accommodation for you and your partner to have an unforgettable romantic weekend at the beach — we guarantee that you will come back next year for your wedding anniversary, too! Contact us today! 

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Things to do in Cape Coral

Enjoy These Romantic Things to Do in Cape Coral this Valentine’s Day!


Cape Coral, Florida, is one of the nicest and prettiest towns in the entire Sunshine State. Not only can you avoid the dozens of people who flock to Florida during the winter season, but you can still take part in fun events, head to the water in just a few minutes, explore downtown for some pristine shopping, and check out the never-ending foodie scene.  

But what if you are thinking of going somewhere warm for Valentine’s Day? Does Cape Coral have enough fun things to do that will help reunite the spark between you and your partner? In short, yes — this coastal town is THE ideal date night location!  

Cape Coral, Florida, is not only a perfect date night spot on its own, but it offers tons of yearly events in February that are great for couples who are looking to reignite the long-lost spark or kick off a new dating life. Let’s check out the best romantic events and activities to do during your stay in Cape Coral on Valentine’s Day weekend in 2023 

Cupid’s Clash Co-Ed Crossfit Competition 

Are you interested in combining fitness and friends, and fun? If so, then head to Crossfit ENG to burn some calories, increase your fitness, and get your heart pounding before you go on a date with your partner. Crossfit is one of the best ways that you can improve your cardiovascular fitness and strength — so why not take part in this yearly competition and feel good about yourself before you put on that tight dress for your date night in Cape Coral? 

Valentine’s Day at My Sweet Art 

Another fun place to go during Valentine’s Day weekend in Cape Coral is My Sweet Art on Nicholas Parkway in Cape Coral. This is the ideal spot to go during the day for the artsy types who want to create something special to remember the weekend for years to come.  

Grab a Meal at the 10 Twenty-Five Restaurant 

For those who want to have a filling dinner and nice cocktails during their stay in Cape Coral over this legendary February weekend, head to 10 Twenty-Five to imbibe on the best bottles of wine available in the state, mouth-watering steak dishes, or light fish plates. You can’t go wrong with the local produce, meat, and seafood at this reputable and high-end restaurant.  

If you are in the mood to ignite the candle of romance for your Valentine’s Day weekend, then we have a few suggestions of where to go and what to do during this love-filled time. Instead of doing the same-old dinner date and going to bed, check out the annual events in Cape Coral that are sure to knock your socks off! 

Heart of Marino Musical 

Are you in the mood to sing your heart out and listen to some local talent? If so, then head to Vichino’s Cafe and Wine Bar in Bonita Springs, Florida, to attend the Heart of Marino Musical Performance with Deborah Marino. Tickets are just $20 and you can have a great time bonding with your partner and setting the tone for a romantic weekend filled with wine, music, and good vibes!  

Naples Big Band: Jazz Tribute 

Last but not least, you can take a short road trip to the nearby town of Naples, Florida, to enjoy the beaches, seafood, and yearly jazz event. Not only can you spend the day exploring the picturesque coastline and having fun in the sun, but at night, you can head to the Jazz Tribute to Leo at the Norris Center. Tickets are just $25 and can help you set the mood for a romantic weekend with your partner.  

Plus, Naples is home to lots of cool restaurants, fun bars, and exciting nightclubs for you to keep the night going. We recommend heading to the Old Naples Pub on Third Street South for some pints of Guinness, the Sidebar cocktail bar on 5th street for some dancing, and the Bambusa Bar and Grill in Empire Plaza to enjoy some ethnic dishes.  

Use Cape Coral 4 Vacations to book a romantic and spacious Valentine’s Day condo, apartment, or house that is perfect for reigniting a spark, spending time with your loved one, sleeping in the next morning, and having a relaxing breakfast on the balcony. We can think of nothing better during February!  

We have a wide range of properties that can suit your unique needs. Whether you want a modern apartment with one bedroom, or a luxurious condo overlooking the water, Cape Coral 4 Vacations can make sure you have the property of your dreams. Our #1 goal is making sure the customer is happy and comes back year after year — so we guarantee that your romantic Valentine’s Day weekend is going to be an amazing and unforgettable time. Contact us today! 

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Celebrate New Year’s in Cape Coral!


Cape Coral is one of the best getaway spots for those who want a warm destination. Not only can you lay on the beach, have a piña colada in your hand, and go swimming in the bright blue water, but you can enjoy annual events that are fun for you and your entire family. There are activities you can do in Cape Coral all year round. Not only is the beach calling your name, but you can do tons of other activities with your friends and family, like going kitesurfing, swimming, biking, and running along the water. Along with the fun outdoor activities that soak up the sunshine, you can also take part in annual festivities, try some of the mouth-watering restaurants, or go to one of the fun bars and pubs with your adult friends on vacation. 

The best time to come to Cape Coral is the winter! Although the summer has longer days and hotter afternoons, the winter is the best for those who want some peace and quiet, fun times with their family, rousing New Year’s Eve celebrations, and warm weather on New Year’s morning. You can gaze outside your window in the morning and look at one of the beautiful palm trees swaying in the breeze! New Year’s and the wintertime is one of the best seasons to head to a tropical and warm destination. We love all of the fun events, outdoor festivities, holiday parties, and more that you can go to for New Year’s Eve in Florida! There are tons of parties, things to do, events, and attractions to do during your December and January excursion to this high-end and fun-filled Floridian city. Celebrate New Year’s in Cape Coral

Head to a Party at the Cape Harbour 

Cape Harbour is one of the best party spots for those who like to live it up, have fun, dance, and ring in New Year’s Eve in the best way possible! Head to the Cape Harbour to have a few carefully crafted cocktails, sip on a few beers, and dance the night away to ring in the new year the right way. 

Check Out the Party at the Westin Marina Village Resort 

Are you into dancing? Do you like having a few drinks with your loved ones? If so, head to the West Marina Village Resort to dress in your finest outfit, have a filling dinner, and put on your dancing shoes for an unforgettable night! Bring layers since this outdoor party can get chilly as the clock hits midnight.  

Crunch Fitness New Year’s Eve Party 

No, you won’t have to work out during this part at Crunch Fitness! However, head to Crunch Fitness in Cape Coral to have a fun New Year’s Eve party and meet with other members, socialize with your friends, and meet others in the fitness world who may have the same goals and interests as you.  

New Year’s Eve Ball Drop 

To ring in the new year in the best way, we recommend going to the South Cape Hospitality building at Southeast 47th Terrace. This is the best place to watch the disco ball drop and ring in the new year with your best friends. Get ready to celebrate 2023 with the ball drop!  

Attend the New Year’s Eve Party at Rusty’s Cape Coral 

 Rusty’s Cape Coral has an annual New Year’s Eve Party at their location off of Southeast 10th Street in Cape coral that is fun for everyone! You can head here to have a late-night party after midnight strikes to have tons of drinks, dance with your friends, meet others in the local area, and have a night filled with drinks and debauchery!  

Accommodation in Cape Coral, Florida 

Are you interested in going to Florida for your upcoming New Year’s celebrations? If so, we don’t blame you! Come to Cape Coral, FL, to enjoy the sun on your face, attend an annual event, and have fun with your friends or family as the ball drops.  

Luckily for you, there are dozens of accommodation options that are suitable for you and your friends or family. We offer large-scale mansions, multi-story houses, modern apartments, and cool condominiums that are ideal for whatever your needs are. Do you want outdoor space? We have that! Do you want stainless steel kitchen amenities? We have that too! 

No matter what you need, we can get that for you. Just speak with one of our dedicated team members today to get started on booking your upcoming holiday property for your unique needs. We have customers come back year after year, so we know they are happy with our services. Have a memorable holiday with your closest friends and family you will never forget with Cape Coral 4 Vacation! Contact us today!

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Events in Cape Coral Around Thanksgiving


Are you going away for Thanksgiving? If so, then you want to find somewhere warm where you can still put your toes in the water, get a great tan, and have fun spending a few hours outside every single day! Instead of going to a cold city or a winter destination where there is no snow yet, a Floridian getaway is best choice! Thanksgiving is the time to spend with family members and loved ones, so you want to find a laid-back, stress-free, and relaxed place where you can all have a great time. Fortunately for you, Cape Coral is just that! Not only are there tons of annual events and outdoor activities, restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, cultural attractions, kid-friendly events, and much more, but Cape Coral 4 Vacation offers luxurious and spacious properties that are perfect for your unique needs. Events in Cape Coral around Thanksgiving is the perfect way to spend time with family. Let’s check out the top things to do in Cape Coral, FL, for the upcoming holiday season.  

Friendsgiving Cornhole and Happy Hour 

One of the best things to do with your pals and adult friends is to head to the Wellen Park Welcome Center on November 17th for a Friendsgiving Cornhole and Happy Hour extravaganza! This is a great people-meeting event where you can meet other like-minded individuals, have fun with others on vacation, have a few drinks, and play some outdoor games during the warm weather. 

Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner 

Head to the Club at Del Webb Naples as a resident or if you are friends with a local resident to enjoy a potluck dinner. This is a great way for you to meet others, have a great meal, and dress up during the holiday season! This takes place in the Grand Hall Ballroom, so put on your best outfit and head here at 4 pm on November 24th for an unforgettable night (and meal!).  

GCR Thanksgiving Day 5K 

Do you like to exercise during your holidays? Maybe you are nervous about putting on some holiday weight. If so, sign up for a fun and family-oriented 5K at the Paradise Coast Sports Complex on November 24th at 8:30am! This is the perfect way to burn a few calories and have some fun outside in the sunny weather before you have a filling Thanksgiving meal.  

Turkey Day Weekend Football Game 

Did you ever watch The Sandlot movie as a kid? If so, you will love this Sandlot-themed football game on November 26th in Cape Coral, FL, for some upbeat fun and good old competition!  

Mid-Cape Gobble Wobble 5K Race 

Another great and fun-filled 5K event that you can sign up for is on November 24th in the Mercola Market of Cape Coral. “Wobble” down the street, walk, or race your heart out in this exciting and energetic Mid-Cape race on Thanksgiving morning.  

Eat and Drink in Cape Coral 

Last but not least, there are tons of restaurants, cafes, and bars to head to during your time in Cape Coral, FL. Instead of sitting at home all day and waiting for the Thanksgiving turkey, why won’t you get outside and head to a local cafe for an iced coffee, a bar for a cold beer, or a restaurant for a pre-thanksgiving dinner the night before?  

We recommend heading to Point 57 Kitchen and Cocktails for fresh seafood and strong drinks, Misto Bar and Grill for Italian and American dishes the night before Thanksgiving, or Cork Soakers Deck and Wine bar for the best cocktails and views of the water from your own table. There are needless options for you and your friends to go to during a fun evening in Cape Coral!  

Accommodation in Cape Coral, FL 

Are you searching for the perfect place to stay for your upcoming holiday trip with your friends or family? If so, a crowded hotel room might just not cut it. In this case, we have a few solutions for you! 

Check out our high-end, spacious, and luxurious apartments, condos, and houses that are perfect for your unique needs. Do you want a large mansion with a pirate outdoor pool? We’ve got you covered! Do you want a small condominium with modern amenities and stainless steel kitchen appliances? We have that too!  

Use Cape Coral 4 Vacation to find the ideal holiday home for you and your group. We guarantee that using our high-end services and reputable employees is going to make your vacation easy, unforgettable, and one of a kind. You will have the best week of your life celebrating Thanksgiving with your loved ones if you use Cape Coral 4 Vacation to do all of the hard work for you! Contact us today! 

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Property Walkthrough

Property Walkthrough: Paradise Found


Are you looking for a spacious, modern, and luxurious home for you and your family? If so, then look no further – we have the place for you. Paradise Found is just a minute to the open water, a few minutes drive to the downtown area of Cape Coral, and features plenty of backyard and front yard space for your kids or pets to run around and have fun.  

We really can’t think of anywhere better to de-stress, relax, and chill out when it comes to your holiday. Instead of going to a super crowded city, where the hotels are overpriced and tourists are going to be everywhere you turn, this relaxing getaway in Cape Coral, Florida, is perfect for those who are feeling in need of a little R&R.  

Book Paradise Found Here!
If this sounds ideal, then check out Cape Coral 4 Vacations before you book an expensive hotel room, crowded Airbnb, or B&B that is far away from the beach. We guarantee that our high-end property has everything you want — and more! 

Exterior Space 

Paradise Found is a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home that can comfortably fit up to 6 guests — and this includes outdoor space! We offer a big front yard with palm trees that is perfect for taking your dog out in the morning or playing catch with your kids. Plus, there is a big driveway and garage that is ideal if you rent a car for your upcoming vacation. Although, you won’t really need one since you will be so close to all of the action in this perfectly situated home!  

Plus, there is ample outdoor space outside of the back of the home! There is a covered pool that makes it ideal for swimming any time of the year. You can head outside during the middle of winter and hop in the pool to do a few laps. Or you can head out here during the hot summer day to jump in the water, lounge on one of the chairs, or read a book outside in one of the pool chairs. You can also sit out here with your guests at the covered table to enjoy a nice dinner under the stars!  

Once you feel like getting out of the property — although you may not want to! — you can head outside of our backyard to get right on the water. Head here to take your boat, kayak, or canoe on the open water, paddling down the picturesque canal and gazing at the incredible palm trees. There is plenty to see as you coast along the water, featuring blue skies, palm trees, and bright open spaces.  

Common Area 

Once you are inside the home, you will immediately be greeted with a warm and cozy interior. The decorations have personalized touches, with unique artwork, cool interior throw cushions, cozy rugs, comfortable couches, and ample lighting fixtures.  

Walk into the living room and plop down on one of the cozy couches, either the sprawling long couch facing the TV or the love seat that is perfect for a couple’s retreat. Prop your feet up on the coffee table and set your glass of wine beside you on the coffee table and watch your favorite show on the smart TV.  

If you are in the mood for a light snack before dinner, head into the kitchen. This modern and open floor plan kitchen is ideal for serving drinks, giving your guests snacks during the day, or preparing a mouthwatering breakfast. You can sit at one of the high-top bar stools on the granite countertop and converse about your day, or you can use the new microwave, refrigerator, freezer, or coffee pot to make something fast for your guests.  

 If you were in the mood for a sit-down lunch or dinner, head to the dining room table in the cozy nook by the kitchen. You can sit here with 3 of your guests and talk about your day, have a glass of wine, or have some appetizers before you head out for dinner.  

Accommodation in Cape Coral, Florida 

Doesn’t this sound like the ideal vacation for you and your family? We think so too! This house is the perfect size for a couple with a few kids, a couple’s retreat, or a friendly get-together. There are ample bedrooms, common spaces, and exterior areas for all of you to lounge around and chill out during your holiday.  

Head to Cape Coral if you are in the mood for sand, sun, and great weather. We guarantee that no matter what time of year you come here, you can get a tan, enjoy the water from your back door, and meet friendly locals.  

Trust us, there are never-ending things to do in this coastal town! Rent Paradise Found from Cape Coral 4 Vacations if you want to see all of the beauty that Florida has to offer.  Contact us and book your reservation today! 

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Property Walkthrough

Property Walkthrough: The River View WOW


Are you looking for an incredible home with a view of the water, outdoor space for you to sip a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening, and close proximity to all that the incredible town has to offer? Look no further! Our high-end and spacious properties in Cape Coral, Florida, offer anything you could ever want — and more!

Plus, when you use Cape Coral 4 Vacations, you will see that we leave no stone unturned. We make sure that all of our customers get the best service possible, including private amenities, anything you could want during your stay, and advice on the best activities to do in the nearby area.

One of our best properties that is perfect for up to 8 guests is the River View WOW. And we guarantee when you see it, you will say, ‘wow!’. Our property has amenities and high-end features that are desirable for people with a variety of activities that interest them, ranging from staying at home and watching a movie at night or going out to one of the nearby bars.

Let’s check out why this is one of our premier properties and why you should nab this home before it goes off the market!

Book The River View WOW Property Here!

Exterior Area

One of the main perks of renting The River View is the ample outdoor area. Unlike other apartments, condos, room rentals, Airbnbs, or houses in Florida that have very limited outdoor space, our home has tons of exterior space, like a pool that is perfect for tanning on a hot day, lounge chairs for reading a book during the afternoon, and a huge front yard that is great for bringing your pup outside or playing ball games with your kids.

We love that the entire family, or group of friends who are staying here, can use the front and backyards, and you will never feel crowded! We want our rentals in areas that have amazing weather to be able to be outside all of the time — that is why we offer ample front and backyard acreage that makes it easy to take your boat out in the morning, play soccer with your kids, do a few laps in the pool for a good workout, or read a book in a lounge chair in the front yard as you gaze at the palm trees.

Plus, when you sit outside of your home, you can marvel at the incredible architectural design of the home. You will be blown away by the sheer aesthetics of the home, such as the cool windows, unique exterior decor, traditional roofing, and stone front walkway that makes the house even more high-end than it already is.

Common Spaces

Along with the sleek and aesthetic outside space, the interior of the home continues the high-end and luxurious appearance. Our living room, dining room, and kitchen are all a part of the main floor open space living plan, ensuring that you can walk freely between rooms and never feel like you’re on top of one another.

You can make a quick appetizer in the kitchen, set out drinks on the granite island countertop, head to the dining room table for a formal dinner, and then retire to the living room to watch TV or play a board game — all in just a few steps! Plus, the open floor plan makes the house feel so spacious and big, ensuring that every single guest feels like they are living in a spacious mansion during their stay here.


Last but not least, we design all of our houses with utmost care and detail. In this home, we make sure that all of our living room spaces, dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms follow the nautical theme. I mean, you are in Florida, after all! You are going to be out on the water, either with your boat, paddleboard, kayak, or canoe, so why not follow the nautical theme?

You will never feel like you are in a stale or boring hotel room. Our entire home has a personal and lived-in feel that makes you feel at home right away as soon as you enter our property. Our artwork, couches, interior design, and detailed elements encourage all of our guests to book year after year!

Not sure where to stay during your upcoming holiday? Check out Cape Coral 4 Vacations, a high-end and reputable property management business that has dozens of modern homes in the Cape Coral area.

One of our best properties is The River View WOW — check it out now for your long weekend, short-term spring holiday, or extended summer break with all of your pals! We guarantee that you and your group of friends, extended family, or work colleagues will have a blast at our luxurious and modern property. Contact us and book today!

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Things to do in Cape Coral

Best Kid-Friendly Activities for Halloween in Cape Coral


Halloween may only be one night, but in Cape Coral, we celebrate this spooky holiday all month long. With all of the creepy decorations, it’s hard not to break into the Halloween spirit and begin the search for a night packed with screams and jumps. If you’ve decided to visit our coastal city with the entire family, you’re in for a treat. The area is home to plenty of kid-friendly activities and attractions that will bring the entire family together. Check out our favorite kid-friendly activities for Halloween in Cape Coral below:

Make Halloween Decorations

Get the entire family in the Halloween spirit by crafting your very own Halloween decorations. Whether your family is a pro at making DIY arts and crafts or taking their very first swing at it, there is plenty of fun to be had. By making your own decorations you can keep the costs low and transform the inside and outside of your vacation rental into a spooktacular creation. A few easy decorations you can craft in the comfort of your kitchen include magic potion bottles, vampire bat leaves, paper bat garlands, custom candlesticks, and spiderweb wreaths. Beware! Making your own Halloween decorations is a spooky amount of fun.

Go Trick-or-Treating

Take your little ghouls, witches, and monsters trick-or-treating Halloween night in Cape Coral! This kid-favorite activity is the perfect way to explore Cape Coral while stirring up plenty of fun. The kiddos can show their head-to-toe costumes off to the many businesses in town that decorate and pass out candy. Once you’ve filled up your candy buckets, be sure to head home and enjoy a few of your new favorite treats. So if you are looking for family-friendly places to stay near everything you want to do and see, check out our Cape Coral villa rentals!

Have a Scary Movie Marathon

In celebration of Halloween, there’s often nothing better than a scary movie marathon. Complete with Halloween classics, such as Hocus Pocus, Edward Scissorhands, The Adams Family, Beetlejuice, and of course, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Gather the entire family for a night filled with Halloween movies, tasty treats, and plenty of candy. All of our vacation rentals in Cape Coral feature spacious kitchens perfect for preparing the ultimate Halloween spread and cozy living rooms for streaming movies. If it’s not too hot outside, crack open a few windows to allow the night breeze to send a chill through the air. Make sure you pop popcorn so the entire family has something to anxiously munch on during the movie.

Have A Pumpkin Carving Contest

Is there any activity that screams family fun more than a pumpkin carving contest? Cape Coral is home to many pumpkin patches where you can pick the perfect pumpkin to craft into a spooky creation. This timeless activity is a great time to get creative and see who in the family has the best carving skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert carver, there are plenty of designs to take your pumpkins to the next level. For the kiddos looking to transform their pumpkin into a spooky creation, a few designs to consider are witches, ghosts, and monsters full of teeth. But not all pumpkins need to be scary, many child favorites include cats, butterflies, flowers, and stars. Regardless of who wins the pumpkin carving contest, it will be a treat to see them all displayed on your vacation rental’s porch! So if this is an activity your family enjoys, you may want to consider our Cape Coral vacation properties to start planning your Halloween trip today!

Play Truth or Scare

We all know truth or dare, but have you ever played truth or scare? This Halloween game is the perfect way to spend the evening laughing and having fun with the family. Similar to truth or dare, this frightful game is a blast. A few examples of a truth card include “if you were a pirate, what would be your name?” or “if you could only save one person from the witch’s curse, who would it be”. As far as scare goes, prompts include “set up a game of limbo and challenge the group” or “pretend to jump into an imaginary pile of leaves every 10 minutes”. Truth or scare is harmless fun the entire family will enjoy!

Bake Halloween Treats

Candy isn’t the only Halloween treat you can munch on this season. If you’ve ever watched the many Halloween baking shows on television, you’ll know there are plenty of spooky treats that you can create in the kitchen. Whether you’re looking to bake frosted spider cookies, ghoulish ghost brownies, or mini donuts decorated as pumpkins, you are sure to find a recipe to satisfy the entire family’s craving. Inside all of our vacation rentals in Cape Coral, are beautiful kitchens fully equipped with everything you need to bake a delicious batch of treats. Our kitchens include ovens, stoves, and plenty of kitchen gadgets to prepare all of the ingredients.

Book Your Halloween Getaway

Contact our team of reservation specialists to book your Cape Coral vacation rental this Halloween!

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Things to do in Cape Coral

Coral Oaks Golf Course


Coral Oaks Golf Course is a pristine, high-end, and world-renowned 18-hole golf course in Cape Coral, Florida. This immaculate course is well-known for its manicured lawns, bright green grass, pristine water, and natural beauty that makes golfers from all over the world come here for vacations.

Located on Northwest 28th Avenue in Cape Coral, FL, this public golf course is a championship course that features Eagle greens, long fairways, and natural beauty that makes it stand out amongst other more “stale” options. With over eight water features and nearly 40 bunkers across the entire course, this golf course is great for those of all skill levels and ages.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert! Coral Oaks Golf Course has a course that is fun for people of all skill levels. You can use the expansive practice areas, artificial turf, chipping lane, putting green, driving range, and pro shop with the newest golf gear. Are you in need of new clubs? Do you want a new driving range polo? Head to the pro shop located right on-site at the golf course to get a brand-new outfit.

Once you’re done shooting holes for the day and getting Birdies and Eagles, you can head to the Knickers Pub to have a few drinks once the clubs are back where they belong. Get a few pints with a perfect pour, have a mouthwatering burger, share some french fries with your putting green buddies and discuss who won the intense golf game!

Or, if you want to keep brushing up on your golf skills after a full 18 holes, ask the front desk staff about hiring a professional or teacher who can help you with specific strokes and techniques. If you are an avid golfer, you may just need help with a certain type of shot. If you are a beginner, consider hiring a golf teacher who can help you with the basics so you can start winning some golf games against your friends!

And if you want to book the most beautiful place to stay so you can relax after your day at this golf course, check out our Cape Coral luxury vacation rentals!

Things to do in Coral Oaks, Florida 

After you have hit a few line drives at the Coral Oaks Golf Course, there are tons of things to do after the game! You can bring your kids to the Sun Splash Family Waterpark to go down the fast slides, play in the pool, teach your kids how to swim, and enjoy the 14 acres of the aquatic facility on a hot summer day. 

Or, you can head to the Edison and Ford Winter Estates if you want to learn more about the history and culture of the natural area, check out the interactive exhibitions, and take in the natural beauty of the flower gardens. 

If you are in Coral Oaks with your adult friends, head to the Wicked Dolphin Rum Distillery! Test some samples and learn how these Cape Spirits are made when you head here to get some more appreciation for this hands-on craft. Just make sure you don’t have too many sips so you can walk out on your own!

Are you feeling hungry after a long day of exploring? We have got you covered! Head to Point 57 Kitchen and Cocktails for a strong daiquiri or tasty martini. Or you can head to Bonefish Grill to get some of the freshest seafood from the local waters, like shrimp, calamari, or mussels. We also love going to Misto Bar and Grill to have some casual Italian fare, like ravioli, bruschetta, and tasty red wine.  

If you want to go out on the town after dinner, then we recommend checking out Paddywagon Irish pub to watch a game on the television and have a few pints. For some live music, head to The Dek Bar to enjoy great drink specials, live music from local bands, and a great vibe!  

Accommodation in Coral Oaks, Florida 

 Are you interested in staying in Coral Oaks, Florida? If so, you might be wondering where you should stay. There are dozens of accommodation options located right near the Coral Oaks Golf Course, making it easy for you to walk, bike, or drive to this outdoor activity in just minutes.  

 Cape Coral 4 Vacations offers luxurious, spacious, and modern properties that are suitable for families, couples, and solo travelers who want to come to Florida to test their luck on the golf course. We offer high-end property rentals, hands-on customer service, and dozens of amenities that make our properties stand out among others in the local area.  

 All of our modern properties contain ample interior seating, comfortable living room areas, modern stainless steel kitchen appliances, large dining room tables, plush bedding, and private outdoor areas that make it easy for you to view the sunrise and sunset every single day.  

 Doesn’t this sound relaxing and stress-free? We think so too! Book one of our rental properties at Cape Coral 4 Vacations to have the holiday of a lifetime with your partner, family, or best friends. 

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Property Walkthrough

Property Walkthrough: Tropical Retreat 1020


Cape Coral is a captivating vacation destination for travelers from near and far. When you’re overdue for a well-earned getaway and you’re looking for a place with the scenery, sun, and access to the fun you’ve been hoping for, Cape Coral checks every box on the list! Elevating the experience even further is a breeze for those who book their stay in stunning Tropical Retreat 1020. This 4-bed, 3-bath home-away-from-home can easily host up to 10-guests at a time making it the ideal retreat for those who are heading to Cape Coral with family or friends in tow. Booking a stay in Tropical Retreat 1020 is wonderful for those adventurers who are looking forward to a space where they can kick back and relax in style. This home also keeps visitors close to the area with fun and amazing shopping and dining stops. No matter how you spend your time or what your itinerary entails, Tropical Retreat 1020 ensures you’ve got the luxury, comfort, and access to entertainment to top it all off. 

Interior Amenities 

When space, light, and modern style are all priorities for your getaway, booking a stay in Tropical Retreat 1020 is sure to inspire. This home features an inviting open floorplan across split levels, giving everyone in your traveling crew the room they need to roam and enjoy the home freely. Park in the 2-car garage and make your way inside to find a space adorned with soaring ceilings and large windows throughout. This combination of features effectively frames a great view while promoting natural light flow and enhancing the overall sense of space for guests to enjoy as well.  

The living room in Tropical Retreat 1020 is great for guests to settle in and enjoy time at their own pace. This space hosts a plush wrap-around sectional sofa topped with gray and blue throw pillows surrounding a large matching ottoman. The gray tones of the sofa are offset in a lovely way by the light hardwood flooring below. The modern lighting overhead brings in a stylish touch while the inclusion of a large flat-screen television set against white plank wall boards pairs entertainment value with nautical-inspired themes! 

Guests who are excited to pair days of dining out with options to dine in and enjoy a home-style meal will appreciate the spacious kitchen that’s located just behind the living room. This culinary area is designed to inspire and host a large center island with barstool seating as well as custom dark wood and white cabinetry filled with cookware. A full collection of modern appliances makes it easier than ever for guests to serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner on a whim. When it’s time to dine, guests will find the dining room table fit for 6 just off the kitchen. The table is surrounded by cozy royal blue chairs and enjoys a place in a dining nook with a wall of windows looking out onto the yard. 

Getting a good night’s sleep is always within reach when you book a stay in Tropical Retreat. One side of this split floorplan hosts the home’s master suite where guests can enjoy a king bedroom set as well as an en-suite bath with a walk-in shower and dual sinks. This bedroom also enjoys its own television as well as private access to the pool area. The remaining three bedrooms are located on the other side of the home, and all feature a queen bedroom set. As an added benefit to guests, this property is equipped with an additional den outfitted with a queen sleeper sofa and desk area that can double as an office for those working remotely.  

When a little fun is called for, make the most of your time in the home’s game room! Here, guests can access a pool table, air hockey table, ping pong table, foosball, and a Pac-Man machine. There’s also a large flat-screen television and sofa for gaming or movie-watching. A privacy wall in this space separates recreation from the in-home gym where guests can make the most of keeping up with health regimens even while traveling.  

Exterior Features 

Through sliding glass doors in the living room, guests will have prime access to the pool area that adorns Tropical Retreat 1020’s yard. This inviting space is surrounded by a large deck dotted with loungers for sunbathing. When an alfresco meal would hit the spot, feel free to use the BBQ grill that’s found poolside alongside an outdoor dining set. Tropical Retreat 1020 is a waterfront home complete with a boat lift that can be utilized upon prior access request.

Book Your Vacation Today! 

Make the most of your Cape Coral getaway when you let the Cape Coral 4 Vacation team handle your accommodation details while you’re here. Get in touch today to learn more about reserving your place in Tropical Retreat 1020 the next time travel plans bring you this way! 

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Property Walkthrough

Property Walkthrough: The Blue Pearl 1030


The Blue Pearl is an innovative, comfortable, and luxurious property that sleeps 6 guests. This 3-bedroom and 3-bathroom spacious and modern house for rent Cape Coral is ideal for three couples for a romantic getaway, a large family, or a friend reunion. Just a few minutes from Cape Harbor, the Blue Pearl 1030 is perfectly situated in an ideal location with all the amenities you could ever ask for!

Book The Blue Pearl 1030 Here!

Exterior Amenities

 As soon as you pull up to this spacious home, you will see the two-car garage, driveway, front yard, and incredible architecture of the home. The modern building, manicured green lawn, palm trees, and car space make this a great choice for those with more than one car, multiple vehicles, or tons of outdoor gear (like kayaks, canoes, and surfboards) that they need to store.  

Living Room 

Once you walk in through the front doors, the high ceilings, bright lights, and airiness will take hold! You will serve at the open floor plan and see just how much space you really have. The combination of the living room, kitchen, and dining room into one open-air space makes the house feel 10x bigger than it already is! 

Walk just a few feet into the living room and plop down on the luxurious leather couch to relax and recover after a long day of exploring. The plush leather and coffee table are perfect for putting your feet up or resting your coffee in the morning. If there is no room on the couch, you can sit on the high-top stools to sit and watch the smart TV — your favorite Netflix shows are great to watch after a day of exploring and exercising!  


If you are feeling a bit peckish after a long day of being on vacation, we can’t blame you! Head just a few feet into the stainless steel and modern kitchen to whip up a snack for your guests. Your friends can sit at one of the four high-top stools and have some snacks on the high granite countertop. You can open the stainless steel refrigerator and begin making some fresh veggies, fruits, or snacks on the stainless steel stove and oven.  

The high ceilings and the high countertops make this a cool place to hang out and spend some time together in the morning over a cup of coffee. If you want to have more room for a meal, you can sit at the dining room table and gaze out the windows to see the incredible views just outside of your doorstep.  


Once it’s time to retire for the night, there are a few bedrooms to choose from — and don’t worry, every single one is a great choice! You can cozy up in the plush bedding, enjoy the ceiling fan blowing cold and refreshing air above your head, and enjoy the sample space for unpacking your suitcases and luggage on the wood flooring.  

Plus, if you feel like you need to take a shower after a long day of traveling, simply use your own private ensuite bathroom to take a hot shower and freshen up before bedtime. We love the modern touches in the bedrooms and bathrooms that enhance the luxuriousness of this home!  

Things to Do in Cape Coral, Florida 

We love this property — and one of the best perks of staying here is that you can enjoy the proximity to Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Captiva Island! Cape Harbor is just a few minutes drive away from Boca Grande, Fort Myers Beach, Estero, Bonita Springs, North Naples, Fort Myers, and Captiva Island, giving you the best that this Floridian coastal town has to offer! 

Plus, if you want to escape the crowds along the coast, you can head inland to Babcock Ranch Preserve to check out some of the local wildlife and get in some great exercise.  

We love this area because it is less visited than other Florida destinations, like Disneyland or Orlando, but still has tons of things to do in your free time. Of course, you can go to the beach — that is #1 on everyone’s list! But after you have gotten a tan and surfed some of the waves, you can head to the downtown area to go shopping, imbibe at some of the local bars, and check out some of the fresh seafood in the local restaurants.  

There are literally endless activities for you to do in Cape Coral, Florida. Use Cape Coral 4 Vacation to find the property of your dreams and ensure everyone in your party has a great time during their holiday. Staying at The Blue Pearl 1030 is the perfect choice for 6 guests who want to kick back, relax, and escape from the hubbub of city life for a Floridian vacation.  

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